The Nursing and Midwifery Council’s decision to withdraw approval for our BSc Midwifery course has devastating consequences for our student midwives as well as the regional midwifery workforce in Kent and Medway. Our absolute priority is the wellbeing of our students and staff, and ensuring that our students can continue to complete their studies and begin their future careers, to be the high quality, much needed midwives that this region needs. We will work with our staff, students and NHS Partners to achieve this.

The University is a major provider of education and training for medical, health and social care professionals. Over the past 30 years the University has worked successfully in repeatedly securing accreditation for its courses with over a dozen PSRB’s (Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies) covering Health, Education, Policing and many other areas of professional practice. We are deeply disappointed that our significant submission, in partnership with NHS England, the Integrated Care Board and our midwifery placement providers in response to the NMC QA Board’s initial decision to withdraw approval has not been considered as having provided the assurances they required. Despite the NMC recognising the significant improvements undertaken by the University and its practice partners, and noting the time needed to implement the changes, we are disappointed that they have not afforded the University the opportunity to establish and embed the changes across different practice settings.

The University remains committed to providing education and training for the widest range of health and social care professions.

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