The University has launched a new fundraising initiative to support and empower students.

Futures will offer a variety of scholarship opportunities for new and existing students to support them financially as they study at the University, as well as developing a network of Futures Partners to inspire and give professional support.

Bringing together alumni and local business supporters to share their expertise and experience with students, Futures aims to make a real difference to their future success and ensure financial pressures are not a barrier to success for talented students.

Head of Alumni Relations Celia Pearce and donor
Head of Alumni Relations Celia Pearce speaking with a guest at the launch event

Speaking at the launch event, Sara Scriven, Head of Fundraising for Canterbury Christ Church University commented on the importance of the new programme:

“We know that right now our students are really struggling with the cost-of-living,” she said.

“This is why launching Futures at this moment is so important, and we’re thrilled to be joining forces with our alumni community and local businesses to make it happen.

“Futures is going to make a real difference to our students, but it’s not just the students who will benefit. Our Futures Partners have spoken to us about the benefits they’ve seen in their own careers as a result of mentoring and coaching support. I would encourage anyone who wants to have a rewarding experience and make a real impact to get in touch with our team.”

The Futures and Alumni team
The Futures and Alumni team

We are always incredibly proud of the significant role our graduates play in supporting regional growth and development, crafting successful careers which span across a range of key industries, including providing key skills to support our local healthcare, STEM educational and creative arts providers. We are delighted to launch the new Futures programme to support our current and future students with this additional strand of funding, to support their ambitions and help them excel while studying with us.

Vice-Chancellor and Principal Professor Rama Thirunamachandran

Futures Scholarships

The University has launched a series of community-funded Futures Scholarships, offering students a £5,000 bursary for each year of study. Scholars will also receive access to a Futures Coach and workshops to build confidence and employability. Supporters of Futures Scholarships will have the opportunity to meet the scholar during their time at the University.

Futures Partners

Alongside the Futures Fund and Scholarships, the University will build a network of Futures Partners who can make a difference by offering their time as a Futures Coach, a Futures Mentor, Futures Guide, a Futures Placement, or simply sharing their experiences through a Futures Story.