Dr Dikaia Chatziefstathiou has been elected as the new Vice Chair of the Education, Culture, Youth Commission (ECY) of the Global Esports Federation (GEF).

The GEF promotes the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige of esports, one of the fastest growing entertainment platforms with dedicated enthusiasts and viewers growing in significant numbers every year around the world.

I feel honoured to be part of the GEF family. The GEF prioritizes the development of an inclusive, safe, healthy, and sustainable esports ecosystem with a particular focus on responsible gaming, holistic wellness, fair play, education and career pathways for players and athletes.

Dr Dikaia Chatziefstathiou

Dr Chatziefstathiou is Director of Research Environment in the School of Psychology and Life Sciences, Associate Director of Postgraduate Studies for the Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences, and Director of the Sport, Human Rights and Safeguarding Research Group at the University. She said: “I recognise the big responsibility to deliver these key priorities. But I also see the unique opportunity to lead strategic collaborations with the world’s leading esports, gaming, technology and academic communities.

“Through my involvement with the GEF I hope that our University community of students and staff can become engaged with research and enterprise opportunities that will arise, such as the Global Esports Academy, the tangible GEF initiative powered by the GEF Education, Culture and Youth Commission”.

The GEF has established expert commissions and councils as key components of its governance structure with the overarching ambition to inform, guide, drive, and support the development of tangible initiatives and programs that serve the world’s esports community.

Reporting to the GEF Board, the commissions and councils are led by the GEF board members and relevant industry leaders supporting the GEF executive in shaping the strategy for the organisation. With over 160 global leaders and renowned experts from the realms of esports, sport, academia, healthcare, technology, safeguarding, governance, administration, strategy, and business, the commission and council members act as the guardians of the GEF values and ambassadors of the GEF’s vision and mission.