Dr Kristy Howells, Reader in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, has recently achieved world champion status in cycling.

Kristy competed at the recent UCI World Masters Track Championships and won silver in the team sprint event, then went on to win in her age category in the sprint event. 

Over the past year, Kristy has been dedicated to training at home on the turbo trainer, as well as at Lee Valley Velodrome and further afield with her team based at Derby velodrome.

Kristy’s commented on her success at the event.

“I had the best World Championships ever!," she said.

"I went in with the attitude to live and enjoy every moment with love and laughter. It is important to be kind to all, as you never know what is happening behind the smiles.”

She also used her Sport and Exercise Sciences movement and performance analysis expertise to act as support crew for a set of ‘Double Walters’. Firstly 70-year-old Walter Thornhill from South Africa, who had trained with Kristy at Lee Valley. He took on her recommendations for adaptations to his cycling technique for the gate starts and cornering and Walter successfully broke the South African national record at both 500m and 2km. Secondly, 89-year-old Walter Fowler, who she supported in his 2km race in which he triumphed and become World Champion for his age category.

Damian Coleman, Section Director for Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences, commented: “I am so pleased for Kristy, to win a world championship is absolutely incredible. To get to wear the champions jersey for the year during competition in one of cycling's toughest disciplines is something that very few people get to experience. We are all so proud of Kristy and look forward to her defending her title."

Dr Kristy Howells is Reader in Sport Pedagogy and Physical Education in the School of Psychology and Life Sciences.