The aim of this module is to describe some of the formal support mechanisms available for students who have a diagnosed disability to support them with their journey through their academic studies.  In particular, the process of a Learning Support Plan (LSP), how to get a plan written and how to use the plan. It also explains the purpose of Placement Learning Support Plans (PLSP) and how these can be used for students who need reasonable adjustments whilst on placement, for example, teaching or nursing students. The module also briefly outlines the importance of applying for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) and the process of applying for DSA. 

Learning Outcomes

Students who are on full-time or part-time courses at the university are entitled to reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act (2010) if they have a disability. After participating in this module, you will be aware of the uses and benefits of an LSP l and be clear on how and when to use the plan and who to approach for help with the plan. The placement support plan will also be described, and the Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) application. 

From this module, you should

  • Know how to go about getting an LSP or a PLSP be clear on the use and purpose of the LSP and PLSP
  • Be aware of the benefits of DSA and how to apply for it
  • Have an awareness of how to apply for and the benefits of disabled student allowance
Author(s): Mandy Verity

Last updated: August 2021