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Mentimeter is a web-based classroom response system (CRS). Questions can then be displayed on the main screen by a host to learners in a session.

Learners respond anonymously by entering a given number code into a simple web site on their phone or any internet-connected device. Mentimeter then collates learners' responses and the host can then choose to show on the main screen. 

Why we like Mentimeter!

  • Help learners quickly check their own understanding and you get a feel for the groups' understanding
  • May promote deeper learning through discussion
  • Can stimulate interaction through a 'fun factor'
  • Anonymity may encourage engagement giving less confident learners a 'voice'
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • No need for users to create an account to create or interact if users choose not to.
  • No additional software downloads required - opens in browser! (please use Google Chrome for the best experience)

Important Note: For General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) purposes, Mentimeter cannot be used to collect identifiable personal or demographic information about your audience, please refer to the University's Mentimeter Usage Policy.

Learn more about Mentimeter

The University has an institutional licence for Mentimeter which allows staff and students to create an institutional account with their CCCU email address, username, and password. Accounts created in this way allow users to access all free and premium content! Make sure to create your account by following the downloadable guide to see how to create an account in this way (page 1) rather than creating one of their standard accounts which are very limiting and do not contain all available features, and what to do if you need to copy Mentimeter questions / presentations created from an earlier personal account into your CCCU one (page 2).

Being asked to take part in a Mentimeter poll? It's nice and easy! Here's how:

  1. on your chosen device go to, or to the direct link provided by the presenter
  2. enter the unique voting code provided by the presenter of your session

That's it, you can now take part in the activities and questions posed by the presenter!

  • Getting Started with Mentimeter is the best place to begin with Mentimeter. This section pulls all of the most useful elements together to make you an instant Mentimeter expert!
  • Check out the best advice for successful Mentimeter presentations. This sections explains what you need to do to prepare and execute your presentations like a star!
  • Creating presentations and questions. This section details the types of questions you can ask your audience and learn how to best use them.
  • Presenting with Mentimeter. This section will help you to learn what is possible to do when presenting with Mentimeter.
  • How to vote. This section will help you to prepare your polling by anticipating what your audience will experience.
  • After the presentation. This section explains how to export, share or analyze the data after your presentation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions has answers to the most common questions regarding Mentimeter.
  • YouTube Tutorials. A suite of video tutorials to make your presentations fizz!