Growing your business or investing in your own personal development, looking to retrain or learn something new?

From one day masterclasses or short courses to degree apprenticeships, Master's and PhD level qualifications, we offer a choice of programmes designed to answer the needs of the modern workforce and support individual professional development.

The University offers more than 100 courses designed to answer the needs of the modern workforce across a range of sectors, from one-day masterclasses and short courses to a wide range of industry-focused, postgraduate courses to equip people and organisations with the necessary skills and competencies to stay ahead of the competition.

By investing in your staff and their development, you can increase productivity and decrease staff turnover. We can support you to enhance your employees’ skill-sets through short courses, post-graduate courses, higher and degree apprenticeships. We also offer bespoke training solutions across a wide range of sectors.

Different methodologies to learning can be offered, such as training workshops, conferences and events, e-learning programmes, long or short courses through blended learning. Engaging in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) allows individuals to continually up-skill, regardless of occupation, age or educational level. Furthermore, CPD training allows your business to keep on top of professional and workforce development.

Degree apprenticeships can be an efficient, lower-cost way to build skills in your workplace - with generous government funding covering up to 95% of the costs.

Whether you are a large organisation that pays the Apprenticeship Levy*, or an SME that does not, all sized companies can benefit from the Government’s National Apprenticeship Service.

Our degree apprenticeships are co-designed with employers. Tailored to meet the needs of your organisation, degree apprentices will help you grow your own talent by developing a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. As apprentices mainly learn in the workplace, it will maximise the impact and minimise the disruption to your business.

What are the benefits to my business?

  • Access financial support to upskill and expand your workforce.
  • Improve staff motivation and retention.
  • Save on the costs of outsourcing/recruitment.
  • Enrich your business and boost productivity.
  • Benefit from your employees’ learning 'on the job'.
  • Work in close partnership with the University throughout the program.

What are the benefits to employees (apprentices) taking part?

  • Gain meaningful management and leadership skills to support career progression.
  • Receive recognised qualifications.
  • Contribute to your organisation’s development through the application of new skills and techniques, as well as via work-based projects.
  • Earn while you learn.
  • Training delivered by subject and industry experts.

Further information

  • The employer applies for the apprenticeship on behalf of the apprentice by completing a two-page form.
  • The apprentice must have both maths and English GCSEs (or equivalent), grade C and above to be eligible.
  • We can organise a meeting between you and the relevant course director, giving you chance to ask questions or to showcase the apprenticeship course to your staff.

We can also offer accredited in-house training programmes. Find out more by contacting the Enterprise & Engagement Team.


*The Apprenticeship Levy

Levy payer Non-levy payer 
If you're annual pay bill is more than £3million If you have a payroll of under £3m, you are not required to pay the Apprenticeship Levy
You can put your levy contributions towards the cost of a degree apprenticeship. The government will pay at least 95% of tuition fees for any apprentice.
If your apprenticeship levy pot covers the course costs, you will not need to make any additional payments. If the pot has been exhausted, the government will pay at least 95% of the fees. You could get extra financial help, depending on how many people you employ and your apprentice’s personal circumstances.

Read further guidance on the government levy.

Apprenticeships are offered by employers to meet their skills and needs now and in the future. They are full-time jobs where employees spend 20% of their time on off-the-job training, paid for by the employer. We offer higher and degree apprenticeships for qualifications at Level 4 or above, up to degree/Master's level.

We are currently working with local and regional employers including the NHS, local government, and private sector to deliver recognised qualifications to help apprentices succeed and enhance their career within their chosen sector.

To discuss how you might contribute to the development of new apprenticeships for your sector, please contact our Enterprise & Engagement Team.

Our Graduate College is the home to a wide range of industry-focused postgraduate courses that provide recognised and accredited qualifications, and a range of part-time options that can be built around the workplace.

Postgraduate qualifications, ranging from certificates and diplomas to full Masters and even industry-focused Doctorates, are a great opportunity to develop and retain your staff. In turn, this contributes to a crucial talent pipeline of future leaders and professionals; also making your business more competitive and attractive. Most postgraduate courses include the option for your staff to develop a research project tailored to your business needs.

Your staff will study alongside other professionals, providing an opportunity to expand your network of contacts and build expertise.

CPD explained.

The University offers a range of CPD courses to meet the continuing workforce development needs of individuals, teams, services or organisations. We also deliver innovative and personalised programmes of learning that respond to changes within a range of industries.

We offer workshops and masterclasses delivered at our Canterbury or Medway campus or at a location that suits you. Virtual options are also available.

Some of our courses are listed here. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, please contact The Enterprise & Engagement Department in the first instance to discuss your requirements.

We offer one day masterclasses, short courses and stand-alone modules that can be adapted to your business needs. Recent examples include cyber security, workforce development and specialist manufacturing.

Our staff can also work with you to design bespoke and tailored professional development for individuals or teams.

Please contact The Enterprise & Engagement Department to discuss your training requirements and the solutions we can provide.

We have access to a wide range of specialist expertise and can create training programmes tailored to the needs of your business. Recent examples include ‘Marketing and Social Media for Tour Guides’ delivered by our Tourism and Events staff, and training on travel health for General Practices delivered by our Health and Wellbeing Faculty.

Workshops can be delivered on site at your business – minimising travel time and disruption to your staff, or at a range of university locations in Canterbury, Medway and Tunbridge Wells.

Please contact the Enterprise & Engagement Team to discuss your training requirements and the solutions we can provide.

Help to Grow: Management Course

The Help to Grow: Management Course will help you boost the performance and resilience of your business.

Designed and delivered by entrepreneurs and industry experts at world-class business schools, this leadership course will provide time away from the challenges of running a business to invest in your leadership, and to learn how to take your business to the next level.

Struggling to plan for the future of your business and juggle day-to-day demands? The first module of our Help to Grow: Management Course will show you how to use proven planning frameworks, improving your confidence in leading and managing your business. Your 1-2-1 mentor will then help you create a Growth Action Plan tailored to your business, applying what you have learnt from all 12 course modules.

Join thousands of small business leaders benefiting from (the 90% government-funded, costing you only £750) Help to Grow: Management, delivered in Kent at Discovery Park, and online, by our accredited business school. It could be the best investment you make.

Register your interest now to join us from 17 October 2023.

Help to Grow management course logo

Please contact the Enterprise & Engagement Team to discuss your training requirements and the solutions we can provide.

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