On Friday 10 November, we invited schools and colleges to our Canterbury Campus so you could get a taste of student life. And it was great! 

It gave us a chance to learn more about you, our future students, as we spent the day at the Explore Your Future event.

Students explored the campus on their own – they got involved with loads of activities linked to our courses and had a chance to ask questions about everything to do with uni. From applying to university and accommodation to student finance and support services, our staff were ready for all our visitors’ questions.

Not only did KS5 find out what they could study, but they got the chance to share their thoughts about applying to uni and student life as a whole. So, here’s what we learned about our 17-18 year olds….

1. You’re excited about student life and having independence.

When asked about what you were most excited about, you answered that you were excited about student life and being independent.

A lot of you were surprised to hear that our SU has over 50 societies, ranging from pole fitness to Dungeons and Dragons Society.

Having independence and managing your own time was also a popular answer. When you’re a student, you’re in control of when you wake up, when you study, and when you want to pretty much do anything – just make sure you turn up to your lectures on time!

2. …but you’re also nervous about the independence!

This was an interesting one. When you were asked what you most nervous about, nearly everyone answered the independence. It seems that this independence brings a lot of mixed emotions. It’s a huge thing to get used to!

If the independence gets overwhelming whilst you’re at uni, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our range of support services. Whether you’re struggling with time management, finances, or your mental health, our huge supportive team are here to help.

3. Finances and the cost of living were a huge worry for you.

We’re not surprised that the majority of you were worried about money and the cost of living. With a lot of the headlines stating that students’ entire maintenance loan covers just their rent, many of you were concerned about how to pay for…well…life.

But there are loads of things going on around CCCU to help make life a little less expensive. Here are some things that are available to our students to help with the bank:

  • Food in the Food Court is super cheap – you can get a full meal, costing £3 or less.
  • There are loads of scholarships and bursaries on offer at CCCU – check the eligibility criteria to see if you can apply.
  • There’s free soup in the Chapel every Friday, which is perfect as the weather gets colder.
  • We have a Cost of Living Hub that offers support and guidance for how to spend less money. It also covers budgeting, how to save money, and how to make money.
  • You can become a Student Ambassador, which is a paid role, and you can choose the shifts that suit you and your study timetable.
  • You can find paid work through our on-site recruitment service, UniTemps.

Whether you’re a student or not, everyone is feeling the pinch these days. But it’s great to know that as a student at CCCU, you’ll have an abundance of support and opportunities to help make life a little easier.

4. Many of you are the first to go to uni.

Being the first person in your family to apply to uni must be daunting. You might not know what to expect as you’re the first one to experience student life, which can make the application process even more nerve-wracking.

But it’s also something that you should be incredibly proud of and excited about! If you do have any questions or want more insight, whether it’s about how to apply to university or what opportunities are available to you, check out our website.

If you have any questions about applying to CCCU specifically, drop our lovely Course Enquiries Team an email.

5. You enjoyed a lot of our activities on the day.

When we put on the Explore Your Future event, we wanted you to immerse yourself in student life and find out more about what you can study at uni.

There were a lot of awesome activities happening around campus throughout the day, but these ones made the top three:

  • Daphne Oram – Every activity in our creative arts building, Daphne Oram, got a compliment and it’s no wonder why. From playing video games to stock image dancing and playing live musical instruments, there was a lot going on. And it was all pretty fun!
  • Health – You all loved working with the real-life mannequins in Health. Activities included intubating in our simulation suite, practising CPR, and learning more about diagnostic radiography in our x-ray room.
  • Forensic Investigation – Another popular activity was our simulated crime scene, where you had to find suspicious clues in a mock crime scene.


Overall, our Explore Your Future event was a huge success, and it was great speaking with all of you. If you enjoyed this event, then explore what our Schools and College Engagement team have to offer. 

Being a CCCU student is more than just a degree – it’s a place where you’ll try new things, gain a wide range of experience, and make friends for life.

Whether you’re sure that you want to go to uni, or you’re still uncertain, come and visit us to find out what Canterbury Christ Church University can offer you.