Time to Talk Day is the nation’s biggest mental health conversation. Taking place on Thursday 1 February 2024, it’s the day that friends, families, communities, and workplaces come together to talk, listen and change lives.

Time to talk day

Opportunities to chat at CCCU

At CCCU we think it is important to be able to talk about mental health all year round and have a range of opportunities for students to chat with each other as well as the Student Wellbeing Team.

  • Tea at Three, Canterbury
    The Chaplaincy offers a safe space where any student can discuss their problems in a non-judgmental environment and every weekday at 3pm they are offering refreshments too! The Chaplaincy at Medway also holds a weekly World Café every Wednesdays.
  • Chooseday Chill, Canterbury
    Chooseday Chill happens every Tuesday between 5-7pm in Augustine House. You can play board games, try your hand at some crafts, have a go at ping pong, or just chill. It is a great way to meet other students as well as the Student Wellbeing team - it is very informal and you are welcome to drop in at any time.
  • The Wellbeing Café, Canterbury
    The Wellbeing Café  happens every Thursday from 2 - 4.30pm in the Food Court. Everyone is welcome to join the Student Support Team in this informal setting to talk about wellbeing, ask questions about finance, and enjoy a free cuppa and biscuits.
  • The SU Hub, Canterbury
    The SU Hub on campus has cosy spaces to connect with friends and have a chat. There are also facilities to get hot drinks, make your own toast, and heat up your meals in a relaxed friendly environment.
  • Chill n' Chat, Medway
    Drop in to Chill n' Chat with Lynne, the Medway campus Chaplin, for a relaxing space to unwind and chill. Have a chat about how you're feeling or meet new people in a safe and welcoming environment. 
  • World Café , Medway
    The World Café at Medway is the perfect opportunity to sit down, meet new friends and have a chat. While you might not be comfortable talking about mental health, asking how someone is feeling or having someone to listen to you can improve your overall mental wellbeing. 

  • Happy to Chat Campus Benches, all campuses
    Look out for these special Happy to Chat areas designed by the Canterbury Christ Church Creatives. These spaces invite people to speak to and interact with others but are also decorative, so they brighten our campuses and bring joy to those who see and use them. At Verena Holmes and Salomons Library as well as outside by Anslem Pond, Erasmus and Rowan Williams Court in Medway. 

Remember, there is no right way to talk about mental health and not everyone is ready to talk about their mental health. So be patient and kind to yourself and others. 

Hear from CCCU student on why it is important to talk about mental health and check in on our mates

Expect Respect  - Compassionate Conversations

Building your community at university is a fundamental part of your student experience and what will help you thrive and reach your potential. At CCCU we are committed to accepting everyone in our community, showing mutual respect, always listening, and seeking to understand each other.

Learn how to start a compassionate conversations by taking the  Expect Respect Module. This covers some important topics for student life, including building your supportive network, our Expect Respect campaign, looking after your wellbeing, staying safe and cultivating healthy relationships.

When you complete this module, you will be entered into a prize draw, with a chance to win some amazing CCCU goodies and experiences!

Wellbeing campaign - Let's talk.

We’re here for you

Your mental wellbeing is important to us - that’s why we offer a wide variety of confidential support and advice to help you out whenever you need it.

  • Our Mental Wellbeing Team
    Whether you're feeling stressed, suffering from anxiety or you need help with a diagnosed mental health condition the Mental Wellbeing Team is here for you. They offer face-to-face and online daily drop-ins. 

  • Spectrum.Life
    This platform offers all students in the moment and out-of-hours support via text, telephone or App from qualified professionals.

  • Nightline
    A student-run listening and information service offering a safe, non-judgemental environment for CCCU students to talk about their feelings and gain emotional support and information.