You can support a student in severe financial hardship during the cost-of-living crisis

Right now our students are experiencing severe and unprecedented hardship due to the cost-of-living crisis. In the last few months alone we have seen an alarming increase in students being unable to afford food or accommodation. 

The Futures Fund aims to support our students through this difficult time by providing them with the help they need to meet their immediate basic needs. 

Our aim is to increase the wellbeing support available to all students, to ensure that no student is left hungry, cold, or isolated and unable to participate in the opportunities available to them at Canterbury Christ Church University.

 The Futures Fund is also raising money for the Ask For Ruth initiative, a collaborative partnership between the University, the Students Union and the Canterbury Baptist Church, to support students who are struggling to access a nutritious meal. 

Will you donate today to support students in financial hardship, so that they can continue to study, and work towards the future they aspire to?

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How your donation can make a difference: 

Your donation could have a profound impact on a student today. A gift of just:

  • £5 could pay for two emergency meals from the CCSU Campus Pantry 
  • £15 could pay for society membership for a student struggling with isolation and loneliness
  • £30 could provide emergency funding for a student to top up their electric or gas meter, so they're able to stay warm throughout the winter
  • £70 could enable a student in hardship to become a participating member of a sports club
  • £120 could pay for emergency meals on campus for 40 students through the Ask for Ruth initiative

Canterbury Christ Church University covers all administrative costs, so 100% of your donation will directly support our students. 

I was falling behind on my rent and bills and that meant I have not been able to focus on my studies. I now feel a lot more comfortable studying, without worrying about bills and the need to take on additional work.

Musa Ali – studying for a BSc in Logistics Management
Donate now

The Futures Fund is raising money for students in severe financial hardship. All funds will be allocated according to greatest need.

Ask for Ruth
Ask for Ruth