The support I've had from tutors throughout my degree has been outstanding, and I'm proud to say I'm graduating with a first-class honours degree.



    This course is perfect for those who want to get a wider view of physical education, sport and the science behind them.

    You can choose a work experience setting that interests you and you'll have the chance to use advanced sports labs through which you’ll be able to conduct performance-related experiments and put theory into practice.

    Why Study Physical Education & Sport and Exercise Science?

    This flexible course will enable you to develop a high level of skills and knowledge in physical education, and sport and exercise science theory and practice, so that you're prepared to enter a variety of exciting careers.

    Whether you're considering becoming a PE teacher or want to follow a sports-related career such as a development officer, personal trainer or therapist, this diverse course will stretch your body and mind, helping you reach your full potential.

    You'll have opportunities to work with or observe professionals and industry experts and will use your experience as a basis for developing your skills and knowledge.