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Course Enquiry Team service level agreement

On this page you can find out more about the high standards of service the Course Enquiry Team aims to achieve. At the end of the page you can view our monthly performance reports to see how we are performing. 

Objectives of service

  • The Course Enquiry Team gives a friendly and welcoming service to pre-applicant enquirers by offering professional and appropriate advice. The team advises on a range of undergraduate, postgraduate taught, postgraduate research and PGCE enquiries. Once an application has been made, the applicant enquiries sit with our undergraduate and postgraduate admissions team.
  • The team is responsible for facilitating managed referrals out to various expert teams across the University, some including course teams, admissions, i-zone, student support, and fees and finance.
  • The team has responsibility for responding and logging incoming enquiries through the University’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system Salesforce.
  • The Course Enquiry team engages proactively with colleagues across the wider Marketing and Communications Department as well as admissions, i-zone, accommodation, and others to ensure that student communications are clear and unified across the student recruitment cycle.
  • The team also provides regular feedback and recommendations based on the analysis of student enquires to allow the University to constantly improve our offer and information to prospective students.

Summary of services

  • Being a welcoming first point of contact for initial applicant enquiries.
  • Giving advice and expertise on undergraduate, postgraduate taught, postgraduate research and PGCE initial enquiries on phones, email, webforms and live chat during the University’s core functional hours.
  • Facilitating referrals to wider teams within the University. If we cannot help you, we know the team that can.

Availability of service

The Course Enquiry team operates during CCCU core operational hours - Monday to Thursday (9am-5:30pm) and Fridays (9am-5pm), excluding bank holidays, and discretionary holidays.

Team Opening Hours

Phone and Live Chat Availability


Monday: 9-5pm

Tuesday: 9-5:30pm

Tuesday: 9-5pm

Wednesday: 9-5:30pm

Wednesday: 9-5pm

Thursday: 9-5:30pm

Thursday: 9-5pm

Friday: 9-5pm

Friday: 9-4:30pm


Find our contact us page here.

Frequency of service

  • We aim to respond to email and webform enquiries within 24 working hours during our opening times. Where our response times may differ, we inform our customers of changes to their expectations via email and telephony system.

Our responsibilities

  • Responding to your enquiries in a friendly, timely and professional manner.
  • Communicating with you honestly about the services we provide and when you should expect a response from us.
  • Responding to your queries with our expertise and where necessary facilitating referrals by finding you the correct contact to assist with your request.
  • Communicating honestly and openly with you about the progress of your requests and/or referrals.


  • The Course Enquiry Team are not responsible for applicant queries.
  • The Course Enquiry Team are not responsible for other teams’ responses or response times when a referral is made.

Your obligations

  • Providing the Course Enquiry Team with feedback on our services to help us inform improvements within our team and the wider department of marketing and communications.

You can access our feedback form on our contact web pages to give your feedback.

Contact details



Contact details




Webforms and Live chat


Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarking



Calls answered in 30 seconds

 more than 85% of calls

Calls lost in 30 seconds

less than 10% of calls

Customer satisfaction rating

 more than 3 out of 5

Email and webform response times

Within 24 working hours (unless specified otherwise)


We monitor our performance metrics monthly to ensure our services are being delivered to the agreed standard. You can see how well we are doing each month by browsing through our KPI monthly performance reports on this page.

Feedback about our service

A feedback survey is sent to those who contact us to understand their views on our service. If you contact us via telephone, you will receive a short customer service survey at the end of your call. If you contact us via email, webform or live chat you will be sent a feedback form via email. Your feedback is vital to maintaining and improving our service.

You don’t have to wait for an email - you can fill out our feedback form on our contact us webpage.

Please only give your feedback on the service you received from the Course Enquiry Team.

If a response is requested, we endeavour to respond to feedback within 5 working days.

Monthly performance reports