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Professor Margie Callanan

Director of Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology

School: School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology

Campus: Salomons

Tel: 01227 927094

Profile summary

I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 1984 having completed a three-year MSc training programme at University of East London.  This training was characterised by great experience in a range of experiential approaches and therapies (Systemic and Couple Therapy, Group Analysis, Sex Therapy and CBT,) including neuropsychological experience and practice.  This training fostered a deep respect for social constructionist thinking and paradigms. 

I then worked as a Clinical Researcher at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in Queen Square, completed my PhD (Neuropsychological Investigation of MS and MRI Correlates) under the supervision of Professor Elizabeth Warrington (FRS) awarded by the Institute of Neurology at the University of London.  Concurrent with this I undertook Systemic Therapy training at the Institute of Family Therapy in London and so began my life-long interest and passion for Systemic Psychotherapy and thinking. 

My research and clinical practice have been rooted in professional (e.g. supervision, team building, compassionate approaches) and interpersonal areas of interest.  Further training in Process Consultancy and Interpersonal Psychotherapy underpins my current work in Staff Development and Support through Compassionate Process Supervision.  My clinical work has spanned Neuropsychology (Kings College Hosiptal) and Primary Care (Institute of Psychiatry) and Adolescent Services.  Currently my psychotherapeutic work is support of staff in challenging environments (e.g. Mental Health Service provision); individuals with serious mood disorder and couples in relationship breakdown.  I have been a trainer in Clinical Psychology since joining Salomons in 1990 - chairing the BPS national Committee on Training in Clinical Psychology amongst other roles in the BPS.  I provide training in Process Supervision and supervise a wide range of disciplines and grades within healthcare.  I was awarded a Chair in Clinical Psychology in 2010. Currently I am the Director of the Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology and the Programme Director of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate.

Research and knowledge exchange

I have taken the lead role in Knowledge Exchange activity within Clinical Psychology since 1999; undertaking commissioned work within public sector services at organisational, team and individual levels.  Projects have included Knowledge Transfer work for the NHS R&D department, development of CPD frameworks for a large Mental Health Foundation Trust, provision of supervision to Health specialists and to third sector practitioners.  This commissioned work also included providing a Psychological Therapies Support Service for staff within a Mental Health Trust.  As I am now Director of Salomons Centre, and Director of the Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme, I no longer take the lead role but I continue to engage in Knowledge Exchange activity around Process Supervision (training and consultancy provision in this model and provision of supervision to practitioners).  My current major contracst include work with The Children's Society, who have commissioned me to provide training in Process Supervision to their Programme Managers and to aid them in developing their capacity to apply this model within their workforce, and work with the Family Nurse Partnership programme in Kent for whom I provide monthly psychological consultancy.

Teaching and subject expertise

I provide workshops in Supervision, Individual and Group provision, which is pan-discipline in nature.  I have provided workshops on Reflective Practice and Consultancy in the Clinical Psychology Paradigm.  I am an active member of the Group of Trainers in Clinical Psychology of the British Psychological Society.

Publications and research outputs

Vosmer S., Hackett S. & Callanan M. (2009) "Normal" and "inappropriate" childhood sexual behaviours: findings from a Delphi Study of professionals in the United Kingdom. Journal of Sexual Aggression, vol 15(3) 1-14


Moriarty, A,   Jolley, S,  Callanan, M..,  Garety, P (2012)Understanding reduced activity in psychosis: the roles of stigma and illness appraisals Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology ISSN: 0933-7954


Mueller, J., Callanan, M. & Greenwood K. (2013) "Parents’ communication to primary school-aged children about mental health and ill-health"  accepted by Journal of Public Mental Health ISSN: 1746-5729


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