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Mrs Aida Malovic

Lecturer in Psychology

School: School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 923532

Profile summary

I started my current position as a Lecturer in Psychology in 2018. My research interests and teaching are in the area of intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health, assessments, quality of life, and risky behaviours. Prior to my current post, I worked as a research assistant at the Tizard Centre, UKC between 2011-2018. I also worked as a member of a Multidisciplinary team that is a specialist service for children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviours at NSPCC.   

My undergraduate degree in psychology was completed at the Solent University, and my master’s degree was in cognitive and neuropsychology at University of Kent. My PhD is ongoing, and the topic of it is the adaptation of assessment tools for young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who display harmful sexual behaviours.

During the course of my academic career I have worked as a lecturer at Tizard Centre, Canterbury Christ Church University, the School of Psychology, and CHSS at University of Kent. I have not only taught across a range of modules but I also have developed new modules in response to student feedback.

Research and knowledge exchange

Overall my academic research and clinical work have had an applied focus, and they have included conducting and managing projects across adolescent and adult populations, mainly within the IDD field but also across areas of childhood development, forensic issues, clinical practice, assessment and intervention development, and risk management.

Teaching and subject expertise

My main teaching area is well-being, with a special interest in its applied work and across clinical contexts. My current teaching responsibilities, by level, are as follows.

  • Level 5 (Year 2): Graduate Attributes for Work
  • Level 6 (Year 3): Therapeutic Approaches to Wellbeing
  • Masters Conversion Course: Health and Wellbeing

I am also

  • The Emplyability Lead for UG students
  • The Placement Year coordinator for the single honours UG students who might wish to spend a year in the industry. 

Supervision: I am involved in the supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate research dissertations. My preference is the use of quantitative methodologies and typically the projects will involve public perceptions, risky behaviours in young people and IDD.  

External activities

Selected Conference Presentations (since 2014)

Malovic A. (2018). Young people with IDD who display Harmful Sexual behaviours: a case series report. 5th European IASSIDD conference, Athens.  

Malovic A. (2017). Young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who display harmful sexual behaviours: their needs, vulnerabilities and grooming experiences. Presented at the Protecting our children: vulnerabilities to grooming event run by Centre for Child Protection.

Malovic A., L. Cygan L., Richards S., Murphy G., and Rossiter R. (2016). Adolescents with IDD who display harmful sexual behaviours: adaptation of measures. IASSIDD World Congress Melbourne. Publication in Journal of Intellectual Disability Research

Malovic  A. Murphy G., and Coulton S. (2016). Adolescents with IDD who display harmful sexual behaviours: adaptation of measures.  16th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Justice Research. 

Malovic  A. Murphy G., and Rossiter R. (2015). 10th International Congress of the Eamhid Florence, September 9-11 2015 Integrating Different Approaches in the Neurodevelopmental Perspective. Published in Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 59, 1–139.

 Malovic A. (2014). Living in fear: Police Officers’ views, knowledge and experiences related to disability related hate crime. The Social Relations, Transformation and Trust conference Coventry University.

Malovic A., Langdon P., Murphy G., Wilson E., et al (2014). Group cognitive behavioural therapy for people with Asperger syndrome who have problems with anxiety: views of the people with Asperger syndrome. Health: General and Specific Health Issues. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 27: 297–328.

Malovic A., Guest C., Beadle-Brown J., Richardson L., Bradshaw J., and Himmerich J. (2014).Police officers' views, knowledge and experiences related to disability-related hate crime, Living in the Community. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 27: 339–356.

Publications and research outputs

Book chapters

Melvin, C., Malovic, A. & Murphy G. (in press). Autism and Offending.  In Chaplin, E., Spain, D. & McCarthy, J. (Ed.), A Clinician's Guide to Mental Health Conditions in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Malovic A. (2018). When sexual behaviours become harmful or abusive. In C. Bates. (Ed.), Sexuality and Learning Disabilities (2nd ed). Brighton: Pavillion Publishing.

Peer reviewed journals

Malovic A., Rossier,R., & Murphy G. (2018). Keep Safe: the development of a manualised group CBT intervention for adolescents with ID who display harmful sexual behaviours. Journal Intellectual Disabilities and Offending Behaviour, 9(1), 49-58,

Doble B., Langdon, P., […] Malovic, A,  Russell A., Rose A., Mullineaux L., Wilson E., (2017). Economic evaluation alongside a randomised controlled trial of modified group cognitive behavioural therapy compared to treatment-as-usual for clinically significant anxiety in Asperger's Syndrome. MDM Policy & Practice, 2(2),

Malovic A., Murphy G., & Coulton S. (2016). Finding the right assessment measures for young people with ID who display Harmful Sexual Behaviour. Journal Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities. DOI: 10.1111/jar.12299

Beadle-Brown J., Richardson L., Bradshaw J., Malovic A., Guest C., & Himmerich J. (2016).'I felt that I deserved it'- Experiences and Implications of Disability Hate crime. Tizard Learning Disability Review. 21(2), 80-88.

Langdon P., Murphy G., […] Malovic A. (2016). The people with Asperger Syndrome and anxiety disorders (PAsSA) Trial: A pilot multi-centre single blind randomised trial of group cognitive behavioural therapy. The British Journal of Psychiatry Open. 2 (2), 179-186.

Langdon P., Murphy G.H., Wilson E., Shepstone L., Fowler D., Heavens D., Malovic A., & Russell A. (2013). Asperger syndrome and anxiety disorders (PAsSA) treatment trial: a study protocol of a pilot, multicentre, single-blind, randomised crossover trial of group cognitive behavioural therapy.  British Medical Journal, Open, 3, e003449.


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