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Dr Anke Franz

Senior Lecturer

School: School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology

Campus: Canterbury

Tel: 01227 923765

Profile summary

Having completed my PhD in the area of adolescent sexual health in 2009, I worked as researcher at the CAMHS Research Unit at the IOP before starting my position as lecturer here at CCCU in 2010.  

I have a keen interest in research that benefits people and the community and challenges predetermined social ideas and norms, which can be seen in all my research interests from research with dog rescues on reducing the number of dogs being relinquished to rescues to the PhD I supervise on the effects of viewing pornography for young people. 

Research and knowledge exchange

I am primarily involved in research in the areas below.

The Dog Adoption and Rescue Project (DARe) has recently been set up to work together with dog and other animal rescues with the ultimate goal of reducing the ever-continuing number of dogs ending up in dog rescues and to help dog owners feel more in control of their experience as dog owners. I am working on this with my colleagues Ana Fernandez and Liz Spruin. Our collaborator Redwood Rescue and Rehome Sanctuary is a vital part in this resarch.

I am also working together with Liz Spruin on research exploring the needs of women who have suffered domestic abuse and how these can be met more effectively by support services.

In addition, I have a particular interest in discourse research around adolescent sexuality which I developed during my PhD on "Understanding teenage sex and teenage pregnancy: Towards an integrated framework" at Roehampton University, and am currently developing this area further. I am interested in exploring the link between cultural-level discourses and individual-level discourses here.

Finally, I am excited about supervising PhD research into the effects of pornography viewing for young people.

In addition to the above, I have expertise in conducting programme and service evaluations of young people's and children's services from working at the CAMHS Health Services Research Unit at the Institute of Psychiatry and am am very interested in econommic dimensions of these such as cost-benefit analyses.

I am the lead for the Society & Environment Research Group in Psychology and a member of the International Studies and Politics Research Cluster.

Teaching and subject expertise

I am a Higher Education Academy teaching fellow.

I am teaching across the BSc Psychology programme, including Psychology in Critical Perspectives, which I also convene, Research Methods and supervising undergraduate research projects. I am also happy to supervise Master and PhD projects in any of the areas across.

External activities

Some of my more recent conference presentations
Franz, A. (2014). Media discourse research with adolescents: A case of isomorphism or non-isomorphism? British Psychological Society Social Psychology Section Conference, Canterbury.

Nigbur, D., Franz, A. & Zagefka, H. (2012). The essence of nationhood: How ordinary people make sense of nationality, and how essentialist beliefs create acculturative problems. Presented as part of the Symposium “Conceptual and methodological developments in the study of cultural identities” at the BPS Social Psychology Section Conference, St Andrews.

Nigbur, N., Coen, S., Fernandez, A., Franz, A. & Hocking, I. (2012). The theory of planned behaviour, self-indentity, and moral disengagement: What predicts sustainability at work? Presented at the BPS Social Psychology Section Conference, St Andrews.

Franz, A., Worrell, M. & Vögele, C. (2011). Investigating the interplay between culture and individual with regard to adolescent sexual health. Presented at the 11th European Congress of Psychology, Topkon Congress Centre, Istanbul.

I am regularly reviewing manuscripts for journals including the following:
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine (an open-access journal)
Journal of Mixed Methods Research
Journal of Social Policy

Publications and research outputs

Franz, A., Worrell, M. & Vögele, C. (submitted). Making sense of sexual relationships: A Q methodology study with German and English adolescents. Journal of Culture, Health and Sexuality.

Franz, A., Worrell, M. & Vögele, C. (2013). Integrating mixed method data in psychological research: Combining Q methdology and questionnaires in a study investigating cultural and psychological influences on adolescent sexual behavior. Journal of Mixed Methods Research, 7, 370-389.

Franz, A., Worrell, M., Gilvarry, C. & Vögele, C. (2009).Why including the UK in comparisons with other European countries in research on teenage pregnancy has a lot of potential. Critical Social Policy, 29(3), 548-559.


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