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We are actively engaged in a wide range of research activities. From thinking and creativity through to biomolecular research, dispute resolution and sporting performance, our dedicated staff are at the very cutting edge of their disciplines, working together to build a brighter, sustainable future for all.


Psychology, politics and Sociology

The School of Psychology, Politics and Sociology conducts research across a range of areas including health and illness, thinking and creativity, clinical psychology and British politics.

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Human and Life Sciences

The School of Human and Life Sciences carries out research across all of its key subject areas from sport and exercise to science, geography, events, leisure and tourism.

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Law, Criminal Justice and Policing

The School of Law, Criminal Justice and Policing works with a number of professional bodies, conducting research activities across its fields of expertise, from policing and law enforcement to cybercrime investigation. 

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Christ church business school

Our School has a growing research profile that covers areas from enterprise and innovation through to marketing, accounting and finance. 

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