Community Engagement

Community Engagement

We are passionate about people, and building strong and enduring partnerships with local communities. Through this work we are able to share our knowledge and expertise with others, ‘adding value’ to local communities, while enriching our teaching based on the experiences we gain.

Consultancy Services

We offer a range of specialist consultancy services that help us engage with local communities, and share our knowledge with others. These include our expert dispute resolution service, our psychology practice consultancy, and our scientific services for sports people in Kent.

Mediation Clinic

Our Mediation Clinic provides an efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution service for local communities in Kent, covering commercial, community and family disputes. Mediation can benefit all parties in a dispute, and can prove much quicker and cheaper than going to court. Find out more...

Psychology Practice Consultancy

Our esteemed Salomons Centre for Applied Psychology offers a range of expert consultancy services in the field of applied psychology. These services include training, mentoring, supervision and team development. Find out more...

Sports Lab

Sports Lab aims to serve both the sporting and educational communities in Kent. As such we combine the very best sports performance testing and coaching for local athletes, with lab visits and lectures to schools and colleges. Find out more...

Other Activities

Making Politics Matter

As part of our ‘Making Politics Matter’ series, our team from Politics and International Relations, regularly host events designed to engage students and local community in the big political issues of the day. In one such event, we recently hosted a packed ‘Question Time’-style debate between local politicians, with over 120 local people in attendance. Find out more...

Community Lab

The Community Lab at Discovery Park is a unique collaboration between CCCU, Discovery Park, Pfizer, and educational charity STEM Learning. The facility will provide teachers and students local schools the opportunity to develop their scientific experience and skills and encourage young people to pursue careers in STEM-related subjects.

Professional Placements

We work closely with local businesses and organisations to offers our students the chance to complete a professional work placement during their time of study with us. Employers benefit by employing one of our bright graduate-calibre students on a short term contract, while our students gain a valuable insight into the world of work.


We believe volunteering is an excellent way of us ‘giving back’ to our local community. As such many of our students and staff members are actively engaged in volunteering activities from tour guiding to fundraising and helping out at local events. Our Sociology team even offer a module where students undertake work in the community as part of their degree. Find out more...


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