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We work with a range of partners, sharing our knowledge and expertise with the aim of adding value to the organisations we work with. From our work with colleges and schools, to our strong industry-links, our partnerships are central to our work, as we use our expertise to engage with communities around us. 

In July, members of our Faculty featured as part of an ‘Empower your Workforce’ conference, hosted together with East Kent College at the Sandwich Discovery Park. This event attracted around 50 business leaders from East Kent for a day of workshops and other activities designed to show how education institutions can work with and support businesses to achieve their goals.

As part of the event Dr Heather McLaughlin of Christ Church Business School, and Dr Simon Harvey from Life Sciences both gave short presentations to delegates before fielding question from the floor. There then followed a series of workshops which included a session from the Mediation Clinic and a presentation on social media, which featured CCCU graduate Jake Turnbull as one of its key speakers. 

The Mediation Clinic recently delivered a workshop session at Discovery Park, Sandwich for East Kent businesses, which was well received.  Attendees included Pfizer, Sharpak, Jets and Dover Harbour Board who wished to learn more.

Dr Kasim Sheikh and Ben Waters our civil, commercial and family mediation experts from the School of Law, gave a short presentation on the benefits of mediation to businesses. They addressed key questions including:

  • As a business would you like to resolve workplace and client disputes before having to pay out legal fees and undergo lengthy litigation?
  • Do you want a quick resolution to a dispute and provide an opportunity to continue a working relationship with your colleague or client?
  • Have you thought about incorporating mediation into your grievance & disciplinary or customer complaints procedures?

This presentation was followed by an open surgery, where businesses could talk confidentially and gain assistance from our experts on a situation they were facing or to see whether mediation would be an option for them.

“We’ve been wondering whether mediation would be an option for handling customer complaints. Today has given some useful information.”


“It was good to meet you all and hopefully we can talk further soon.” 


“The workshop provided the Mediation Clinic with the opportunity to display the kind of dispute resolution services offered by the university to some well-established local businesses. It is through such externally focused outreach events that the university is able to demonstrate how it can have an important part to play in the development of mutually beneficial local community relationships."

The Mediation Clinic Team

Cammegh Limited is a market leader in the live gaming industry, manufacturing roulette wheels and electronic display systems. Together, Cammegh Limited and the Business School have been awarded a unique 18 month Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) funded by the Technology Strategy Board, designed to help develop future business leaders.  

This exciting partnership formed between Cammegh Limited and the Business School ('Knowledge Base' partner) will facilitate the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills into the business. This valuable project seeks to establish a range of digital marketing activities and embed a new customer orientated culture within Cammegh Limited, which will bring a range of commercial benefits.

An associate, who is recently qualified, is to be recruited in the next few months to work at Cammegh Limited, whilst being closely supported by Kristine Pole, Senior Lecturer from Christ Church Business School.

This project is of strategic importance to the business. Therefore, the new associate will be required to project manage a number of activities across the full marketing and PR spectrum. In particular, they will design and deliver the marketing and communications strategy and develop a Customer Relationship Management system to build customer relationships.

"We are very excited to be working with Canterbury University for this KTP.  I am confident that this partnership will bring great benefits to both the associate and Cammegh.

The successful implementation of this project will allow Cammegh to continue to grow, develop new skills and bring great value to the business. The scheme hopes to embed a more structured and dynamic focus to marketing and communications, which can continue on after the KTP has concluded. It is also an excellent opportunity for the associate to gain new skills and learn in a practical environment."

Richard Cammegh Managing Director, Cammegh Limited

We recently worked with Canterbury City Partnership (CCP) to investigate traffic in pedestrianised areas. As part of the project, a third year geography student, supported by her Academic Supervisor, conducted a 10-week study monitoring traffic flows during peak periods. The results provided data that has enabled CCP to consider how they can facilitate effective change in delivery practices within the city.

"Commissioning a student to carry out an assessment was a unique opportunity, and provided us with practical information on delivery patterns, particular issues and the views of local traders to the delivery of goods into the High Street. This has enabled us to understand the situation with greater clarify and make recommendations about any future changes based on real knowledge."

Bob Jones  Chairman of CCP

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