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Dr Erika Brady

Lecturer in Policing

School: School of Law, Policing and Social Sciences

Campus: To be Decided

Tel: 01227 923362

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Erika is a Lecturer in Policing with a focus on terrorism, counter-terrorism and political violence. She is module leader on 'Introduction to Terrorism and Political Violence' and 'Policing Terrorism and Political Violence in the UK'.  

Erika carried out her PhD research at the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) in the University of St Andrews. Her thesis was titled 'Assessing Counter-Terrorism Strategies through a Mixed Methods Research Design: The Case of CONTEST in the UK'.

She was involved in many different projects during her time at the University of St Andrews and CSTPV, including Guest Editor for a Special Issue of the Journal of Terrorism Research which was published in February 2017. Erika worked as a tutor for the School of International Relations at sub-honours and honours level and as a Certificate in Terrorism Studies Teaching Assistant, CSTPV’s e-learning course. She was also a Teaching Assistant (Teaching Contingency Scheme) for two undergraduate modules (Approaches to Counterterrorism and Conflict and Intervention in World Politics) for the Spring 2021 Semester. In the past, Erika has worked as a casual lecturer for two non-Degree courses on International Relations and on Terrorism, and as a Course Coordinator for the School of International Relations’ Summer School in July 2019. She has designed and presented an e-resource on Academic Writing Skills for the Certificate in Terrorism Studies online course.

Erika was an Associate Fellow for the Centre of Global Law and Governance while completing her PhD. She was nominated for a Teaching Award in the 2018/19 Academic Year under the category of ‘Postgraduate Student who Tutors’.

Research and knowledge exchange

Erika’s research project focused on evaluating CONTEST, the UK's counter-terrorism strategy. This analysis is undertaken through a mixed methods research design. The first phase of the research is qualitative and involved selective document review (coding through NVivo software), interviews and content analysis. Following this, an analytical matrix was designed to enable the measurement of six counter-terrorism themes which arose throughout the qualitative research. These themes were considered important aspects of a counter-terrorism strategy as it sits within the Criminal Justice Model in a democratic governance structure: Assessment, Learning, Transparency, Perception, Events and Goals. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were applied within this matrix (text qualifications and scoring), allowing for multi-level analysis both within the four workstreams of CONTEST and across the four workstreams. The research is developed in this way in an effort to address the lacuna in the area of empirical counter-terrorism policy evaluation.

External activities

Presentation of Co-Authored Report: Women and P/CVE Interventions, Home Office Workshop, 9 September 2021, Virtual (Teams)

Invited Panel Speaker: PhD Research Panel, CSTPV Postgraduate Workshop, 14 February 2020, St Andrews

Presentation: Brexit and what it Means for the UK and the EU, Open Association ‘Retirement is Opportunity’ Series, 26 November 2019, St Andrews

Presentation: Composite Indicators: A Conceptual Framework Design for the UK’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy, Graduate Workshop on Conflict Dynamics, 30 September – 1 October 2019, Nuffield College, Oxford University

Discussant: Panel - Everyday Consequences and Practices of (Counter) Terrorism, School of International Relations and CSTPV Graduate Conference, 25 April 2019, St Andrews

Presentation: Evaluating the UK’s Counter-Terrorism strategy, CONTEST, through a ‘sequential exploratory’ mixed-methods research design, Staff/PhD Research Workshops, 10 April 2019, St Andrews

Invited Speaker: Applying Mixed Methods of Complex Phenomenon: Evaluating the UK's CONTEST Strategy, CSTPV Postgraduate Workshop, 12 February 2019, St Andrews

Presentation: Student Presentations: The Challenges, Benefits and Innovations of Group Work, Evaluation, Sharing and Publishing Innovative Teaching Practices Workshop, 1 February 2019, St Andrews

Presentation: When to Intervene? The UN and Responsibility to Protect (R2P), Open Association ‘Retirement is Opportunity’ Series, 4 December 2018, St Andrews

Invited Speaker: The Prevent Duty in Universities: Lessons Learned Three Years On, International Security Expo: Education Security Conference, 28 November 2018, London.

Lecture: What Can We Learn From Terrorist Events?, Open Association ‘Friday Evening Lecture Series’, 26 October 2018, St Andrews

Conference Presentation: Assessing the UK's Counter-Terrorism Strategy: Benefits, Challenges and Perspectives, International Political Science Association (IPSA) Annual Congress, 22-25 July 2018, Brisbane

Invited Speaker: Research Ethics, CSTPV Postgraduate Workshop, 12 February 2018, St Andrews

Invited Speaker: Does Prevent Work: Evaluating the UK’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy, Workshop: Islamic Radicalisation in Europe, Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies of the National University of Public Services and the Migration Research Institute, 6 December 2017, Budapest.

Presentation: Evaluating the UK's counter-terrorism strategy, Graduate Workshop on Conflict Dynamics, 20-21 September 2017, Nuffield College, Oxford University.

Publications and research outputs

Brady, Erika and Sarah Marsden (2021) Women and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Interventions, A CREST Report. Available at:  

Brady, Erika (2019) Trends and Tactics, Safety and Security International, Edition 1/2009

Brady, Erika (2019) Book Review: Wars of Terror, Gabrielle Marranci, Contemporary Voices: The St Andrews Journal of International Relations, Vol 1, Issue 2.

Brady, Erika (2018) Book Review: Domestic counter terrorism in a global world: post 9/11 institutional structures and cultures in Canada and the United Kingdom, Critical Studies on Terrorism. DOI:

Brady, Erika (2018) Grounds for Optimism, Safety & Security International, Edition 3/2018

Brady, Erika (2017) After ISIS, Safety & Security International, Edition 6/2017

Brady, E (2017) An analysis of security challenges arising from the Syrian Conflict – Islamic terrorism, refugee flows and political and social impacts in Europe, Special Issue of the Journal of Terrorism Research, Volume 8: Issue 1. DOI:

Brady, E (2016) An analysis of the UKs counter-terrorism strategy ‘CONTEST’ and the challenges in its evaluation, Sicherheitspolitik-blog, University of Frankfurt, October 2016. Available at:


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