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Reasons to choose Criminal Investigation at CCCU

Why study with us?

Criminal Investigation plays an integral role in police activity. You only need to look at the news to see how it impacts the public perception of the police and their work. Studying Criminal Investigation provides the exciting opportunity to critically analyse aspects of Police Investigations from a range of perspectives and explore how different types of crime are investigated and why.

Our new BSc (Hons) Criminal Investigation programme has been developed from the former Policing (Criminal Investigation) degree and aims to allow students to study an interesting aspect of Policing while considering careers in the Criminal Justice arena, as well as Policing and beyond. The degree gives you the opportunity to study the historical rise of the detective from the early days of the police into the modern era, where you will seek to understand the current context in which detectives work. The programme looks at aspects of investigative practice, how they may have led to miscarriages of justice, and what has been done (in terms of law, practice, policy and procedure) to improve the situation.  Various high profile cases will be considered in depth such as the murder of Stephen Lawrence, Grenfell Tower, the Grindr killer Stephen Port, the investigations into the murders of Rachel Nickell, Milly Dowler, and many others. 

Our supportive and dedicated teaching team, comprising former professional practitioners, academics and ‘pracademics’ will help you to adopt a critical approach to criminal investigations as you explore police effectiveness in historic sexual & homicide investigations, public protection and covert operations.

For further information on the BSc (Hons) Criminal Investigation degree please visit the online course page.

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The course includes input from Guest Lecturers and practitioners from different areas of Criminal Investigation & Criminal Justice who will provide sessions on their areas of expertise. BSc (Hons) Criminal Investigation students will also have the opportunity to put the theory they have learnt into practice in our Hydra Suite. The Hydra Suite allows our students to simulate policing scenarios under “close-to-real” conditions and experience highly realistic policing incidents, situations and scenarios as part of their integrated learning. 

What can you do next?

Studying the BSc (Hons) Criminal Investigation degree can open up a number of career options within the Criminal Justice area. Graduates will be able to apply to join the Police through the degree holder entry route or could look apply for direct entry / fast track Detective schemes currently offered by police services throughout the country.

Further opportunities exist as investigators for the National Crime Agency, the Military, Independent Office for Police Conduct, Criminal Cases Review Commission, Security Services, HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

In addition, there are a number of charitable and voluntary organisations working with the criminal justice sector and vulnerable groups, such as Victim Support, Mind, Shelter, Nacro, Prince’s Trust, Porchlight, Barnardo’s, etc. offering suitable job opportunities. By studying with us you will develop a range of transferable skills that will serve you well no matter what career path you choose.

The Policing (Criminal Investigation) degree undeniably provides students with an initial investigative mindset, and it is my belief, a fundamental tool in becoming a detective.

Lewis Humphrey, Policing (Criminal Investigation) graduate

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