Course Development

Once the planning stage has been completed and approved, course design is undertaken to further develop the approaches to Learning and Teaching and industry engagement including Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB) where applicable.

The following document 'Programme Approval Process' outlines the full process.  Steps 4 - 5 relate specifically to how the developed course is approved in Faculty, prior to submission to the Standing Approval Panel.

Course Document

Module Specification and Descriptor

Faculty Scrutiny Sign-off

Previously approved documents also provided:

PPP1 and 2 with annexes

Course Specification (Items 1-30 from PPP1 and PPP2)

The final course documents will be scrutinised by an appropriate body convened by the Faculty then submitted to the Faculty Learning and Teaching and Assessment Committee FLTAC (or equivalent body).

FLTAC will formally review the proposed submission and, if appropriate, will refer the final, completed set of documents to the Faculty Quality Committee, with the recommendation that documents are submitted to the Quality and Standards Office (QSO), see ‘Programme Approval’.



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