Assessment criteria

The University has a generic assessment and grading criteria matrix, which describes the typical performance for each classification point of an award.

Course can use these directly or adapt them to their specific disciplinary needs. These grids do not exclude other marking criteria and schemes however, these local schemes should also align with the FHEQ qualification descriptors.

Excel versions are also provided to make it easier for colleagues who want to adapt the files to their own needs.

If you are considering using electronic feedback (e-Feedback), the undergraduate criteria are built into Turnitin. In Turnitin, you will see the following 'rubrics' (assessment grids) available to use:

  • CCCU L4 
  • CCCU L5
  • CCCU L6 

Each of these contains all generic criteria for that level. To use these you can take a copy of the grid for yourself and delete the criteria which don't apply to the assessment in hand. See the learning technology support site within the Blackboard Help tab for guidance. Alternatively, you can create your own rubric in Excel and upload directly into Turnitin. The Learning Technology Team have a template you can use for this available from the Blackboard Help tab. Contact your Faculty Learning Technologist for help and advice.


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