Course Approval

The approval process involves an examination of the academic plans for a course. It focuses on whether the course meets national and subject expectations and whether it is likely to provide a learning experience of high quality.

The cut-off for a Standing Approval Panel to be held is a minimum of six months before the planned first intake of students. Typically, this means for all UG courses commencing in September, the deadline is the 31 March in the academic year prior to commencement.

Course documentation is required to be submitted to the Quality and Standards Office four weeks prior to the Standing Approval Panel Meeting.

The document ‘Course Approval Process’ (see downloads) outlines the process. Steps 6 – 8 relate specifically to how the course is reviewed and approved by the University.


PPP1 and 2 with annexes

Course Specification (Items 1-30 from PPP1 and PPP2)

Course Document
Module Specification and Descriptor

When the course development stage is complete and the Faculty Quality Committee is content to approve the documentation to be submitted to a Standing Approval Panel, the Faculty Quality Office will liaise with the relevant Quality Officer in the Quality and Standards Office.

The Standing Approval Panel will convene to review the proposal and may:

  1. offer commendations.
  2. recommend the course to the Education and Student Experience Committee and the Academic Board in the form it is presented.
  3. ask for minor drafting alterations, to be approved via Chair’s Action and recommend as above.
  4. return the proposal to the Faculty for further consideration, setting out where further development is required and agree a resubmission date.
  5. reject the proposal in its current form.


Short courses are courses at or below 40 credits and are normally approved by the Faculty Quality Committee.

The process for short course approval is as follows:

  • Submission of PPP1 (in-principle approval) to FPPE
  • If supported by the FPPE, submission of PPP1 to ASC
  • If ASC support in-principle approval, completion of the Short Course Planning Proposal Form by Course Team and submission to FQC
  • If non-collaborative, FQC has the authority to approve the short course
  • If collaborative, FQC will consider and then refer the proposal to the Standing Approval Panel, with final approval granted by Academic Board. 

If you have any queries please contact your Faculty Director of Quality in the first instance.



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