How to apply

We invite you to apply for the scholarships on offer

Applications for the Sport Scholarship programme are open until 31st August 2021

During your application process for Sport Scholarship programme you will be asked for the following supporting documents:

  • A photograph of you (head and shoulders) a photograph from a smartphone will be fine
  • 2x References to support your application (please note you cannot submit your application without these)
  • You will be asked for video evidence (you playing your sport). This is not compulsory and you will not be penalised for not uploading a video. So if you are unable to, please don’t let it discourage your application
  • References - Please send the downloadable reference form to your two referees to complete, you can then attach them to your application at the end. Feel free to start your application whilst waiting for your references to come back.
  • Your references may be completed by one of the following (or similar). Coach or official from your sport club/academy, Teacher from your school/college, Staff member from your sport’s National Governing Body
  • You can download the reference form both pdf or word format

You may save and continue your application at a later date if you wish to. There is also an opportunity to amend and review your information at the end before submitting.

Application Outcome

You should hear back regarding the outcome of your application within 28 days of your submission.

Due to limited spaces and the high level of applications now being received, it is not guaranteed that you will be selected for the scheme even if you meet the criteria.

Apply Now

If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact sport@canterbury.ac.uk.  


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