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Title Elaine Mitchener: Industrialising Intimacy - Performance Week 2016
Date Thu 18 Feb
Event Event
Time 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue Anselm Studio 1
Contact artsandculture@canterbury.ac.uk or Tel: 01227 922994
Price Standard Adult - £5.00

Industrialising Intimacy mixes vocal improvisation, movement and sound to create an original work of contemporary music theatre. Wavering between observer and partaker, the audience is invited to share Mitchener’s exploration of the many facets of intimacy. The performer investigates the loss of privacy in our society versus the strength of true intimacy in the search for one’s centeredness. Mitchener’s unique approach will draw you into a world which promises to intrigue and bemuse the listener. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN

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