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Title Transgender Day of Remembrance – Dr Chryssy Hunter
Date Tue 20 Nov
Event Lecture
Time 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Venue Canterbury Campus
Contact artsandculture@canterbury.ac.uk or Tel: 01227 922994
Price Free

Venue: Ng03. The International Transgender Day of Remembrance ‘… has been a significant political event among those resisting violence against sexgender-variant people’ (Lamble 2008). In the UK in 2018 the lives of trans and nonbinary people have been subjected to aggressive and transphobic scrutiny, forcing us to engage with arguments we thought long-won. It has pushed some of us into a narrow activism inimical to our usual praxis, necessary to engage in a rearguard action against a small but vocal and well mobilized group of people with specific anti-trans agendas. It is a matter of record that members of our communities have suffered increased abuse and violence in public and online spaces and an increase in levels of poor mental health. I will use the occasion of TDoR to reflect on the meaning of violence in the context of sexgender-variant people, and how this could inform a truly intersectional approach to our activism and politics.

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