Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence in Printmaking 2015

Frederick Cuming RA

The School of Media, Art and Design are very excited to announce Fred Cuming as Artist in Residence in Printmaking.

Fred is a senior Royal Academician with an artistic career that has spanned over sixty years so far, and has work in private and public collections internationally. In 2004, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of the Arts at the University of Kent, in recognition of his status as an artist and his lifetime contribution to the Arts.

Fred Cuming - Alice and Crazy Cat

Image © Fred Cuming RA – Alice and Crazy Cat

Fred is currently working on a series of etchings to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland written in 1865.

Fred said "Thanks to the War I have virtually no education, everything I have learned since is to try and catch up. I have stolen and plagiarised any conceivable movement from the stone to the present. My work is all about colour and mood. Alice in Wonderland is the one book I took on the Abbey Minor Rome Scholarship to Italy and has been a constant source of inspiration. I want to make a series of etchings incorporating other diverse characters'"

Graduate Artist in Residence

Every year the School of Media, Art and Design picks two graduates to take part in the University’s Artist in Residence scheme. The graduates, nominated by their tutors, can spend up to a year working in the University’s Art Studios, developing their practice and professional development.

Artist in Residence 2014/15 - Theresa Gadsby-Bourner

Theresa Gadsby Bourner

Theresa Gadsby-Bourner works mainly in monoprinting, a very physical form of printmaking where the image can only be produced once. Using water based inks on etching plates, the artist produces rapid, spontaneous pieces permitting her to be expressive and to respond emotionally. Using this technique allows Theresa to explore and experiment with ideas and thoughts quickly.

Theresa Gadsby Bourner

Non-figurative imagery interests her – in particular colour, scale and abstract form. Theresa’s work often begins with a horizon. She then likes to work on the human traces and patterns of history that are left on the landscape; ploughlines, ditches, fences and tracks. So although her work is abstract, it is alluding to nature.

Artist in Residence 2013/14 – Hannah Allison-Finucane

Hannah Allison-Finucane’s artistic practice emphasises the individual identity of prints. Though print making is a medium particular for its reproducibility, Allison-Finucane returns to its physical nature, from the carving of a plate to the addition of ink. In each work, unique relationships are created among elements through the process of drawing. Figurative studies leading to non-representational lines and forms are then reflected upon and transcribed to the plate to create an internal dialogue.

Graduate Artist in Residence at the Burton Gallery – Jason Pay

Something to Sea

Jason Pay is a traditional photographer whose work focuses upon place and space. Engaging with the landscape, its history and our relationships Jason plans to circumnavigate the Island of Thanet in boat and on foot recording edgeland. Previous works include, River I & River II, Something to Sea and Nothing but Sea and Sky.

River 1


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