Research Interests

Our research interests cover a wide spectrum of computing topics. We have particular strength in the areas of investigation of security of embedded computer systems and Internet of Things (IoT), HCI, server-side systems, forensic computing and cybercrime forensics.

Dr Hannan Azhar:

  • Image processing and pattern recognition for wildlife, biometric, forensic and border security applications.
  • Pervasive computing  and ambient intelligence for Internet of Things.
  • Brain computer interfaces, assistive technologies and robotic systems to enhance the quality of life. 

Dr David J Bennett:

  • Usability of forensic and security software, healthcare-related systems, teaching of computer programming.

Dr Richard Henson:

  • Machine learning, image processing and understanding, field analogical reasoning.

Mr Mike Hewitt:

  • Quantum computing and quantum information theory.
  • Quantum virtualisation of classical algorithms and machines.

Dr Abhaya Induruwa:

  • Security of the internet of things, smart device forensics, distributed computing architectures for large-scale mobile phone investigation.

Dr Ian Kennedy:

  • Application of malware forensics to criminal investigations​.
  • Evaluation of digital forensic tools towards increasing the confidence in their use within the Criminal Justice System.
  • Errors and uncertainty in forensic science.
  • Accreditation and professional practice in the Digital Forensic and Cybersecurity domains.

Mr Reza Mousoli:

  • Cyber security, e-safety, privacy and confidentiality, computer trust management, semantic analysis for spam filtering and traffic analysis.

Dr Man Qi:

  • Cybercrime laws and forensics, intelligent computing and applications, cloud and green computing, computer graphics/image/animation, human-computer interaction, web/e-commerce applications.

Dr Vijay Sahota:

  • Collaborative scientific research, grid/HPC/distributed systems, parallel/concurrent programming, mass information processing, scientific imaging/models.

Dr Paul Stephens:

  • Cybercrime education, digital forensics, encryption, distributed systems and networks, policing digital crime.

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