Annual Professional Services Monitoring

Professional service departments are reviewed through Annual Professional Services Monitoring.

Professional Services Annual Monitoring is paused in 2021-22. The guidance below relates to 2020-21 and is for information only.

Service Level Statements

The requirement for Service Level Statements is paused for 2021-22

During 2020-21 the majority of Professional Service departments are required to develop a Service Level Statement (SLS). For a full list of departments expected to participate see the guidance document below. 

The purpose of the Service Level Statement is :

  • to set out the expectations of the services provided by each Professional Service department, both for the department operating the service and its users and stakeholders;
  • to enable each service to track how well it is delivering the commitments in its statement, so actions for improvements can be explored and evidenced through the Professional Services Annual Monitoring process.

Following a review of the University's approach to SLS in 2019-20 a revised template and approach is in place in 2020-21. From 2021-22 the SLS will form a key part of Annual Professional Service Monitoring. 

Professional Services Annual Monitoring

Professional Services Annual Monitoring is paused for 2021-22

Each professional service department is reviewed on an annual basis through Annual Professional Services Monitoring.The purpose of Annual Professional Service Monitoring is:

  • to ensure that professional services departments are responding to student feedback from a range of sources in an effort to enhance the student experience
  • to assess the quality of the student/staff/stakeholder experience through consideration of lessons learnt through delivery of the Service Level Statement / Agreement and consider mechanisms for improvement
  • to identify and manage any risks to the quality of the student and staff experience and ensure appropriate action plans are implemented to address any identified risks
  • to demonstrate the process of communicating changes to students and staff
  • to identify good practice and share it to facilitate quality enhancement.

The documentation below includes guidance, submission deadlines and a report template.

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