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Peter Walker

PhD Student

School: School of Humanities

Campus: Canterbury

Project title

Christian Socialism

Biographical Note

Peter Walker MA, BA (Hons) is a full-time PhD scholarship student, specialising in Theology and Religious Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU). He is currently in the second year of his doctoral studies, and his research concerns Christian Socialism within the United Kingdom (UK). Peter is a graduate with First Class Honours from the Religious Studies BA programme at CCCU and from the Social and Political Thought MA programme with Distinction at The University of Sussex (US). He has won numerous academic accolades including the Templeman Studentship (CCCU, 2015), The Chancellor’s Master Scholarship (US, 2013) and the Dean of Canterbury’s Award for Christian Theology (CCCU, 2012/13). Alongside working on his doctorate, Peter also holds the role of ‘Postgraduate Representative for Theology and Religious Studies’ on the CCCU Humanities Student/Staff Liaison Committee and associated with the Intersectional Centre for Inclusion and Social Justice (INCISE) as a PhD Researcher; additionally, holding the role of Co-Editor of the Postgraduate INCISE Blog. Peter has a broad range of other research interests, generally concerning praxis, including: Queer Theory, Critical Theory, Critical Studies, Ethical Theories, Contemporary applications of Marxian Theory and Social Justice.

Research Outline

Peter’s doctoral research concerns Christian Socialism within the UK. The project is articulated in three main sections. The first produces a comprehensive archaeology of Christian Socialist thought within the UK; from the present day, back to the New Testament. The second section develops a practical Political Theology of Christian Socialism, articulating what Christian Socialism looks like today, developing numerous case studies to strengthen this notion. The third section aims to look at the future of Christian Socialism within the UK, evaluating its potential strengths limitations; which will aim to include an action research project. These three sections are aimed towards looking at the role of Christian Socialism and the British Left-Wing, analysing how Christian Socialism has/does/and could contribute to strengthening the British Left-Wing. This is hypothesised as being three-fold in method: developing an academic articulation; evaluating contemporary social movements; analysing potential political representation.

Supervisory Team

  • Professor Robert Beckford (First Supervisor)
  • Reverend Dr. Ivan Khovacs (Second Supervisor)
  • Professor Thomas Hennessey (Acting-Chair)


Theology and Social Justice (Level 4, 2016/17)

Research Outputs

  • Walker, P. (2016) ‘Corbyn vs. Smith: Faith and the Future of to the British Labour Party’, E-International Relations, 21 September.
  • Walker, P. (2016) ‘Community Organising: A Journey through Christian Socialism’, Poster Presentation: Arts and Humanities Faculty Conference, Beyond the Centre: Engaging Communities and Cultures through Arts and Humanities Research, 8 June. Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • Walker, P. (2016) ‘Developing a Discourse and Interrogating Academia: The Connotations of a Developed Political Theology’, PGRA Summer Conference, The Impact of Research Outside Academia, 26 May. Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • Walker, P. (2014) ‘Queering Social Justice: A Queer Critique of Homonormative Identity Politics’, Arts and Humanities Faculty Conference, Social Justice: Critical Perspectives from the Arts and Humanities, 6 June. Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • Postgraduate INCISE Blog -
Pending Publication

Walker, P. (Expected: 2017) Alienation to Zero: Does the Rise of the Zero-hours Contract Demonstrate an Intensification of Marxian Alienation?

Upcoming Projects

Jesus Dogs (Collaborative Article)

Walker, P. (2017) ‘Title TBC’, Postgraduate Research Seminars 2016-17, 31 March. London International Development Centre.


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