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Abby Armstrong

Abby Armstrong

PhD Student

School: School of Humanities

Campus: Canterbury

Project title

Royal and Aristocratic Women at the Court of King Henry III: an Examination of the Role, Power and Influence of Women and Family in Thirteenth-Century England.

Biographical Note

Abby Armstrong is a current, full-time PhD Scholarship student in the History department. She obtained a First Class Honours degree in History (with a year abroad) from the University of Leicester in 2012, before graduating with a Distinction in her Masters in Medieval History from King’s College London in 2015. Her MA Dissertation was as study of the daughters of Henry II. Abby’s principal research interests include medieval women, power, queenship and family.

Research Outline

Henry III (1216–1272) was a renowned family man. He had a large, extended family ranging from his natal kin, his Savoyard relations (from his marriage to Eleanor of Provence) and his half-siblings the Lusignans who came to England and benefitted from Henry's generosity. These male relations, and the political turmoil that occurred as a result of the generous welcome they received from Henry, have been well studied. The purpose of this research is to illuminate Henry's lesser-studied female kin, including his daughters, daughters-in-law, half-sisters and nieces, to examine their relations with the Henry III and the opportunities and influences he afforded them. This research will also explore the role of familial love and emotion, as well as the importance of family in thirteenth-century politics.

Supervisory Team

  • Professor Louise Wilkinson (first supervisor)
  • Dr Michael Bintley (second supervisor)
  • Professor Jackie Eales (chair)

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