Research Expenses Fund for MPHIL/PHD Students

A limited Faculty Fund is available to support the research expenses of students registered for a research MPhil/PhD in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Students may apply for up to £200 in any academic year unless they already receive a CCCU research expenses bursary during the current academic year (ie scholarship or international research bursary or support from the Ian Coulson Bursary Fund or similar), in which case they are ineligible for this scheme. Funds may be used, for example, for registration fees, travel and materials. Funds will not be given for the purchase of books or computing equipment, or for travel to meetings with supervisors.

Priority may be given to applicants presenting their research eg: at conferences or in performances or exhibitions, and applications will be judged on the strength of the relationship between the research and the presentation, which should be clearly explained. Priority may also be given to students, who have not previously received any funding from this Faculty source. A supporting statement from the supervisor will also be taken into consideration in making any award of research expenses.

If you are interested then please read the terms and conditions and donwload the application form below.


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