History Weekends

Our History weekends are proving to be a great success. Each event presents popular historians you’ll know from their books and TV appearances such Helen Castor, Dan Jones and Janina Ramirez. Our guided visits let you explore the remnants and traces of the ancient city of Canterbury with local experts like Professor Paul Bennett, MBE. Plus there’s a chance to hear from eminent scholars from CCCU and beyond as they present their most recent academic research.


Medieval Canterbury Weekend 2016

We were thrilled by the public response to Medieval Canterbury Weekend and to have sold over 1500 tickets. The event proved to be a true celebration of all things medieval in this gem of a medieval city.

Find out more about MCW 2016


Tudors and Stuarts History Weekend 2017

Building on the success of the first History Weekend our Tudors and Stuarts Weekend brought an international audience to Canterbury.

Find out more about our first Tudors and Stuarts Weekend


Medieval Canterbury Weekend 2018

Almost 2000 tickets were sold for the 2018 events with people coming from New York in the West and Uppsala in the East as well as right across the British isles.

Find out more about MCW 2018


Tudors and Stuarts History Weekend 2019

Once again we sold over 1500 tickets demonstrating the popularity of these History Weekends bringing people from across the British Isles and the United States to Canterbury.

Find out more about our Tudors and Stuarts Weekend 2019


Medieval Canterbury Weekend 2021

Having gone online on Teams this year, the sixth History Weekend (2020 had to be cancelled) was again extremely successful, attracting an international audience – from northern France to the United States.

Find out more about our Medieval Canterbury Weekend 2021


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