The certificates and / or transcripts you received when you qualified from Christ Church are important documents that you should keep. You may be required to show them to employers or other educational providers in future. 

If you complete your studies after spring 2023, in most cases you will be able to access a digital copy of your transcript (Higher Education Achievement Report). This enables you to share it online with prospective employers, universities and other education providers. More about digital HEARs.

Replacement documents

The University’s Student Records team is responsible for the provision of duplicate or replacement copies of certificates and transcripts (where applicable)*. Please note that there is a charge for this service. Orders can be placed via the University’s online shop.

Duplicate or replacement award documents are posted to your home address, so please ensure you continue to update your contact details.

  • Alumni who completed their studies before spring 2023 can keep their details up-to-date here.
  • If you completed your studies after spring 2023, please ensure you continue to update your correspondence address and other contact details in MyRecord. Even after your computing account is de-activated, you can still access MyRecord by using the ‘Applicant’ login option. See here for more details.

* If you complete your studies after spring 2023 and can access your HEAR online, you are unable to order a replacement hard copy. More about digital HEARs.

The Student Records team is not able to issue electronic copies of award documentation to students who completed their studies before 2023. They may, however, be able to provide electronic copies of award documentation directly to a third party (for example, another University, employer, professional body etc) in an exceptional situation. If you feel that your request is an exceptional case, please contact the Student Records Team providing the following information and they will review your request.

  • Your full name at the time of study and date of birth
  • Your programme of study and year of completion
  • The reason for the request
  • The organisation requesting this documentation
  • The document(s) required; academic transcript (containing module marks and award classification only), extended transcript (an academic transcript also including details on programme and module content), or certificate.

If you are a current student visiting this site, or have recently completed your studies and have not yet received your original transcript or certificate, please do not use these services. You cannot order duplicates until your original transcript/certificate has been produced.

More infomation about ordering duplicate documentation.

Academic and character references

Christ Church can provide character references if the members of staff who taught you are still employed here.

If you require an academic reference to support applications for further study, please email written permission (to comply with GDPR legislation), a company email address, and email all relevant forms to Student Records.

References for employment undertaken whist studying

For references relating to employment undertaken through UniTemps or JobShop whilst you studied at Christ Church, please contact UniTemps by telephone: 01227 922204, or email. 

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