Publication Scheme

There are seven main groups (and the classes within them) that form the Publication Scheme for Canterbury Christ Church University. No one single class has a higher status.

There is an indication whether the information is available on the web (where a URL is provided) or only in a paper form (Paper). There is an intention to make as much information available on line as is appropriate, and paper copies may become available on line in due course.

There is an indication where it is intended that information will be published at a later date.

There is an indication where the University does not currently hold information. The University keeps this under review, and would publish information in these classes should there be a change.

Where only paper copies are available, these can be made on application to the manager concerned. Unless otherwise indicated, you should use the Canterbury address:

Canterbury Christ Church University,
North Holmes Road,
CT1 1QU.

Unless otherwise indicated, there is no charge for paper copies.



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