The Careers and Enterprise Hub Privacy Notice

The Careers and Enterprise Hub Privacy Notice

1) About our service

Whether you are a student or an alumni, you can access the Careers and Enterprise Hub for a range of services related to employability, enterprise and skills.

This Privacy Notice applies if you have decided to use one of the services described on our web site and provided as part of “Careers and Enterprise Hub”.

This Privacy Notice tells you about how CCCU, as the service provider, collects and processes your personal data. We do this for the purposes of managing your profile while you use one of the services included in the Careers and Enterprise Hub.

As a service user, you might find useful to read further information regarding our Consumers and Customers Privacy Notice.

2) Information about you: what we collect and how we use it

CCCU collects and processes personal data for the delivery of the service.

We could also process the data in order to provide with any support you may need to ensure equality and diversity compliance.

As part of the The Careers and Enterprise Hub, CCCU needs to process the following personal data about you:

  • Information used to authenticate an individual with something they know (i.e. password and other authenticators). CCCU processes, for example, your University account and password to provide you with a single sign on to the service
  • Information about a device that an individual uses for personal use (even part-time or with others) (i.e. IP address and other online identifiers). CCCU and its system providers need to process this information to enable the creation of logs of access to the systems. We will not use this information for any different purposes
  • Information that uniquely or semi-uniquely identifies a specific individual (i.e. your name and surname, your gender, your student ID, your user-name). We need to use this information to ensure that we provide the service to the right individual
  • Information about an individual’s educational or professional career (i.e. job titles, salary, school attended, employment history, your course or programme at CCCU) We need to process this personal data in order to build you profile for the purposes of providing the Careers and Enterprise Hub
  • Information communicated from and to an individual (email, notes of telephone conversations) We need to process this personal data in order to manage your profile for the purposes of providing the Careers and Enterprise Hub
  • Information that provides a mechanism for contacting an individual (i.e. email address, physical address, telephone number) We need to process this information in order to maintain effective communications with you


3) The legal basis for the processing of the data


When you express an interest to use the Careers and Enterprise Hub you enter into a contract with the University to deliver the service free of charge, so we will need to process your personal data to provide you with this service.

Legitimate Interest

We could be required to process your personal data outside of the main provisions of the contract when our legitimate interest overrides your rights to privacy.

This includes processing your contact details to inform you about possible placements and job opportunity. We might also inform you about any additional events or opportunity we consider you could be interested in.

We will ensure you can opt out from any communications for direct marketing you do not want to receive anymore. You can read further information in our Direct Marketing Privacy Notice at the following link: 

4) Recipients of your Personal Data

For the fulfilment of the contractual relationship, CCCU may be required to transfer your data to third party organisations, including Service Providers.

When CCCU uses a company to process data on our behalf (data processors), we will ensure that a contract compliant with Art 28 of the GDPR is in place.

5) Retention Period

CCCU will retain your data for as long as required for the purposes of the fulfilment of your contract.

In details, we will retain your data for a minimum of six years after the conclusion of your contract with us.

This is the statutory limitation period for Simple Contract stated by the Limitation Act 1980.

6) The Data Controller and further information

Data Controller and Further Information 

Canterbury Christ Church University is the Data Controller for this personal data.

Please click the link below to access further information regarding:

  • The Data Controller
  • The name and contact details of the University Data Protection Officer
  • Where to make a complaint
  • Your rights as a Data Subject
  • How to contact the Regulator

Version Control

Title: Privacy Notice - The Careers and Enterprise Hub
Applicable to: Students, Alumni, General Public
Process Owner: Department of Enterprise, Employability and Research Development  
Date approved: 25 May 2018
Date of review: 25 May 2020
Date last amended: 01 June 2020






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