Student Wellbeing Services Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice for Student Wellbeing Services - Learning Support Plans (LSP) and Placement Support Plans (PLSP)

a. Information about you: what we collect, how we use it and how we keep it safe

The information you provide will be used by Student Wellbeing Services to work together with others both inside and outside the University to support you.

As part of our work we collect, record and share information to ensure that our support meets your needs.

The personal information we process includes

  • your course and personal details held on student record systems
  • information you provide to us regarding your health and wellbeing including information on disability
  • information given to us on your behalf by third parties, for example, Disable Student Allowance assessment centres, your doctor and the occupational health service.
  • information you shared in the Learning support plan (LSP) or Placement Support Plan (PLSP

The PLSP and LSPS and written case notes are held on a secure student record computer system. Your records are vital in helping us to provide you with appropriate support.

We respect your confidentiality; however, we may have to share your information with your course director, course administrator, exams and tutors on a needs to know basis.

b. The legal basis for the processing of the data

The legal basis for processing your personal data is to comply with a statutory obligation, specifically the Equality Act 2010. Reasonable adjustments are a legal requirement under the Equality Act to ensure our services are accessible to all disabled people. We are required to take reasonable steps to make adjustments where a provision, criterion or practice puts disabled students at a substantial disadvantage.

The University may use the information you provide to respond to any comments or complaints you make about our services. We would only share the information relevant to the complaint. The legal basis is the public task requiring us to investigate and respond to a complaint made by a student.

We will process information for disciplinary purposes where we have reasonable belief you have breached the University’s regulations or policies, resulting in a need for further investigation. It is in the legitimate interests of the University to ensure that students abide by our regulations and policies.

c. How we process the data for the Learning support plan (LSP) or Placement Support Plan (PLSP)

We will process the personal information you give to us according to the University’s Data Protection Policy.

We will use your personal information to provide information, advice, guidance and support. Depending on what service we provide to you, this could include:

  • preparing a Learning Support Plan or Placement Support Plan and arranging for reasonable adjustments to be made. We will give you the opportunity to comment on your support plans before they are shared.
  • providing you with counselling, mental health support giving you disability advice
  • guidance concerning your studies and the Regulations, policies and processes of the University

We also use the information to monitor, evaluate and develop our services. However, your information will be anonymised, and you will not be identified.

d. Recipients of your Personal Data

We will share relevant information with University staff who support you in your studies, including those who run your course, particularly the course director. The course director will share the relevant information with those teaching and supporting you on your course.

We share the information with professional support staff who support you while you are at University. It might include disability advisers, support workers and other non-medical helpers.

We will only send a copy of your PLSP to your course director after you sign and return the form to us. We can accept an electronic signature. A member of the course team will agree with you on the reasonable adjustments before each placement commences. It is your responsibility to share your PLSP with your placement key contact. .

We may have to share information with organisations outside the University where it is necessary.This might include medical professionals, suppliers of relevant services or goods and funding bodies.

We may have to share information but will seek to limit the information, where

  • it is required by law
  • It affects an individual’s vital interests, and we need to process the personal data to protect someone’s life.Otherwise, we will only share personal information about you if we have your permission. It includes providing information to parents, guardians and carers.

e. Retention Period

We will keep your data for up to six years after the end of the academic year in which you last used our services. After this time, it will be destroyed securely.

Please refer to our Retention Period Policy to assess the retention period of your personal data. You can find the University Retention Policy here:

f. The data Controller and Further Information

Canterbury Christ Church University is the Data Controller for this personal data.

Please click the link below to access further information regarding:

  • The Data Controller
  • The name and contact details of the University Data Protection Officer
  • Where to make a complaint
  • Your rights as a Data Subject
  • How to contact the Regulator

g. The data Controller and Further Information

Title: Privacy Notice - Learning Support Plans (LSP) and Placement Support Plans (PLSP) Privacy Notice 
Applicable to: Students
Approved By: Student Wellbeing Service
Date approved: 10 Sept 2021
Date of review: 25 May 2022
Date last amended: 10 Sept 2021



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