School Placements Privacy Notice

1) About our service

The information that you provide as part of this application process is provided so we can fulfil various elements of our contract with you during your study on the BA Primary (Full Time and Part Time), PGCE Primary, PGCE Secondary, PGCE School Based, PGCE Further Education or BSc Mathematics with Secondary Education programme.

This privacy notice explains the types of data we collect and how we will use this data.

The privacy notice below provides more specific information relevant to students studying BA Primary (Full Time and Part Time), PGCE Primary, PGCE Secondary, PGCE School Based, PGCE Further Education or BSc Mathematics with Secondary Education programme.

Further information regarding how the University processes the personal data of our students may be found in our general privacy notice for students available at: Read the full Student Privacy Notice.

2) Information about you: what we collect and how we use it


As school placements are a mandatory requirement for these programmes we need to collect certain information to be able to assess your individual needs for placing you at a school.

The information collected  includes the following:

  • Name, Title and Student ID (so that this can be matched to your student record).
  • Address details for placing (if different from the address we already hold for you).
  • Transport means (do you own a car or private vehicle you can use to get to your placement).
  • Any individual needs that we will need to know in order to place you including caring commitments, additional learning requirements, medical requirements, religious/cultural requirements and mobility requirements.
  • Any relationships you have with staff or students at schools within the Kent area
  • A record of your attendance on placement. We conduct attendance monitoring for several reasons including to ensure the proper engagement and to evidence you have completed your required number of days in school. We will require you to enter your school attendance on our placement system.
  • Grading data as required by the DfE (Department for Education) and records of mentor/ review meetings

This data will be used by the Education Placement Administration team to find a suitable school placement for you taking into account travel distance, known student/staff relationships and individual requirements.

This information will be retained by the University on our placement system.

All data stored by the University will be stored securely.




In order to manage placement of our students, the University also needs to collect and process the following personal data of mentors:


  • Name and email address


3) Recipients of your Personal Data

We need to share your data with the organisations listed below for the purposes outlined:

Your Placement School: schools will be made aware of individual requirements declared by yourself in order to facilitate a successful placement.

Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) Inspectors are responsible for inspecting providers of initial teacher training. In the event of an Ofsted inspection of the University we may need to share details of your study on this course as a part of their inspection which may include your personal information. This is to fulfil our public duties relating to teacher training.

4) The legal basis for the processing of the data

We collect, use and, for some specific purposes, transfer your personal data because it is necessary for the performance of your contract with us and for us to fulfil our public duties.

5) Retention Period

CCCU will retain your data for as long as required for the purposes stated above.

In details, we will retain:

  • Placement records for six years after the Board of Examiners has made the award; and
  • Attendance records for three years after the Board of Examiners has made the award because of OFS audit requirement.

7) The Data Controller and further information

Canterbury Christ Church University is the Data Controller for this personal data.

Please click the link below to access further information regarding:

  • The Data Controller
  • The name and contact details of the University Data Protection Officer
  • Where to make a complaint
  • Your rights as a Data Subject
  • How to contact the Regulator

 12) Version Control

Title: Privacy Notice - School Placements
Applicable to: Students
Process Owner: Faculty of Education
Date approved: 25 May 2018
Date of review: 25 May 2020
Date last amended: 30 March 2020 



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