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Who is interested by this Privacy Notice

In this Privacy Notice we use the term ‘customer’ to refer to those who entered, or has expressed an interested in entering into a contractual relationship, with Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) for a specified service other than as a student or an employee.  This Privacy Notice refers to prospective, new, existing and former customers of the University.

1)    Information about you: what we collect and how we use it

CCCU, as the operator or the service provider, collects and processes personal data. This is for the performance of a contract to or to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract with you.

CCCU could require and process the following personal data:

  • Your name, surname and information useful to identify you
  • Information relevant for the fulfilment of the service included in the contract
  • Your contact details or any other contact you could provide us in order to contact you in relation of the contract
  • Any other personal data necessary for the performance or for you to enter into a contract and specified in the pre-contract information.

2)    The legal basis for the processing of the data

  • Contract

CCCU will process your personal data to provide you with a service or product in fulfilling the contract.

This includes when we may share your personal data with other organisations that we engage to process data on our behalf.

We may be required also to process your personal data using a different legal basis for the processing.

  • Legal Obligation

We may share data with other organisations when such sharing is required by law.

  • Legitimate Interest

If the interest of the University overrides your legitimate right to privacy, we could share your data with other organisations for clear and well defined legitimate purposes. This includes sharing your data with one of our agents if a debt you own to CCCU should be recovered.

We might process your personal data for Direct Marketing purposes. Please read further information in our Direct Marketing Privacy Notice at the following link: 

3)    What happens if you refuse to provide your personal information?

If you choose not to submit any personal information when requested, we may not be able to perform the contracted service and/or personalized features. This may limit the services we want to provide you.

For example, if you refuse to share your contact details, you will not be able to receive any communication via of our customer service helpdesk. If you refuse to provide your credit card number, you will not be able to purchase services you could require from the University.

4)    Recipients of your Personal Data

To fulfil the contract relationship, CCCU may need to transfer your data to third party organisations including our contractors.

When CCCU uses a company to process data on our behalf, we put in place a contract that meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

CCCU may also share your data with Partners, Agents, Contractors and other third parties. Examples of these third parties include debt recovery companies, solicitors, and courts in relation to unpaid fees.

5)    Retention Period

CCCU will retain your data for as long as required by the purpose included in this Privacy Notice. This is the limitation period for Simple Contract as stated by the Limitation Act 1980, which is six years after the completion of the contract.

6)    The Data Controller and further information

Canterbury Christ Church University is the Data Controller for this personal data.

Please click the link below to access further information regarding:

  • The Data Controller
  • The name and contact details of the University Data Protection Officer
  • Where to make a complaint
  • Your rights as a Data Subject
  • How to contact the Regulator

7) Version Control

Title: Privacy Notice - Customer
Applicable to: General Public
Process Owner: All Schools and Departments
Date approved: 25 May 2018
Date of review: 25 May 2020
Date last amended: 01 June 2020

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