Combined Honours degrees

Are you finding it hard to decide between two subjects you enjoy? If so, you could tailor your degree with a combined honours programme. Variety, flexibility and a chance to maximise your employability are just some of the advantages on offer when you choose to study a combine degree.

Why study a combined honours degree?

We offer one of the widest selection of combined honours degrees in the UK.

A combined honours degree will allow you to:

  • Explore two subjects you enjoy and gain a wider set of knowledge and skills
  • Tailor your degree to suit your own personal preferences, giving you a greater choice of what you study
  • Meet more students to work with and make friends.

Maximise your employability

With an ever-changing work environment, employers are looking for those who can demonstrate adaptability and diverse knowledge and skills.

Specialising in two subject areas provides you with the opportunity to distinguish yourself in an increasingly competitive job market as graduates who are flexible, adaptable, possess excellent interpersonal, organisation and problem solving skills, can undertake independent research from more than one discipline and have the ability to work as part of a team.

What makes a combined honours degree?

Most university degrees are composed of a number of individual modules with each module being worth a set amount of “credits” which indicates the amount of learning undertaken. Our full-time students take 120 credits each year, that’s 360 credits over the length of your degree.

With a combined honours degree, in your first year you will study 60 credits in each of your chosen subject areas. As you progress into your second and third years, you may decide that you prefer one subject to another and you will be able to take more of your credits from your favoured subject.

Choose your combination

Please visit the subject course of your choice to find a suggested list of subjects that the course combines well with.


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