I honestly can’t think of a subject that would better increase your appreciation of being alive than Human Biology. I really recommend coming to study Human Biology at Christ Church.

Stuart, Human Biology student


    Human Biology is at the core of a rapidly expanding sector, offering students the opportunity to participate in specialist training that can accommodate a range of career aspirations within healthcare or biomedical research.

    This course provides a unique blend of fundamental Biology integrated with aspects of Sport and Exercise Science. You will study normal human form and function as well as the processes that occur during the development of disease.

    Throughout your degree, you will study many different topics including genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. Emphasis is placed on laboratory work as part of the course enabling you to develop strong practical skills. Further to this, you will have the opportunity to get involved with ongoing research relevant to the field of human biology.

    Why study Human Biology?

    If you're interested in studying the structure and function of the human body along with elements of sport and exercise physiology then this is the course for you.

    Our Human Biology course combines the life sciences that are underpinned by fundamental biology with aspects of sports science, making it a challenging and highly appropriate degree if you are planning a career in scientific research or healthcare.

    You'll develop strong practical skills through extensive lab work including sessions at our Life Sciences Industry Liaison Lab. The lab is located on Kent's leading science business park, Discovery Park, which is a thriving part of the South East’s life science community. Here you'll be surrounded by scientists involved in research and development in the life sciences industries and you'll be able to gain valuable experience to help your CV stand out from the crowd.