Shuttle Bus

The University’s shuttle bus service is a great way to help you get to you lectures on time in Canterbury. It runs between Old Sessions House, Augustine House and Hall Place making sure you can travel easily between the different locations.

The shuttlebus operates on two routes weekdays only. Please be aware that traffic congestion in Canterbury can be unpredictable and therefore all times are subject to traffic delays.

The Full Timetable

You can access the full shuttlebus timetable for 2019/20 below which take effect from September.

Download the full Canterbury shuttlebus timetable 

The stop at the bus terminal will be at one of the bus stopping zones directly outside the rear of the row of shops between Boots and Next but this location may vary depending on other bus traffic using the bays at any given time.  Passengers wishing to board here must ensure they flag down the driver to indicate their intention to board the vehicle, which will be displaying the University logo.

Polo Farm Service

This service runs between Polo Farm annd Old Sessions House and operates from 7am until 6pm throughout the day

Old Sessions House to Hall Place Service

This service runs from Old Sessions House to Hall Place, starting at 8:15am until 17:35pm. The full route is as follows:

  • Old Sessions House
  • Augustine House
  • Canterbury East Bus Stop (request bus to stop here)
  • Hall Place
  • Canterbury East Bus Stop (request bus to stop here)
  • Bus Terminal (request bus to stop here)

Please note that the shuttle service is not a wheelchair accessible service. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements so we can arrange suitable alternative transport for you. To guarantee your time of travel please give 1 full working days’ notice.

If you have a disability or long-term health condition that affects your mobility, you may be entitled to enhanced support through disabled students’ allowance. We can also help you explore the statutory support available. Please contact the Student Disability Service if you would like to find out more about the support available.


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