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CCCU offers a number of workshops designed to support coaches that are bookable by your sports club or organisation. We are happy to tailor our workshops to your specific coaching audience. All our workshops are delivered by coach developers who are both experienced academics and practicing coaches. We develop our workshops by reviewing and translating to the audience, the underpinning evidence and research around good quality coaching practice. Please see details for example workshops below:

Workshops (Face to Face)

Understanding your athletes

Understanding your participants is key to good to coaching, no matter what your environment. These workshops are designed to provide coaches with useful techniques and strategies that will help them to develop a greater awareness of the needs, values and motivations of their athletes, helping coaches to make their coaching practice as effective as possible.

Example workshops include:

  • Developing Goals and Values for your Athletes
  • Understanding Athlete Motivations
  • Developing Confident Athletes
  • Understanding Talent Development

Improving your athletes

These workshops are designed to explore contemporary coaching practices that you can use in your coaching sessions. Ideas in these sessions can be easily adapted to a range of coaching contexts whether you coach in adult sport, with children, or participants with additional needs in recreational or performance environments.

Example workshops include:

  • Game Based Coaching Strategies
  • Understanding Athlete Motivations
  • Nutritional Strategies for Performance

The Coach

These workshops are designed with the development of the coach in mind, paying special attention to processes that coaches can put in place to manage themselves, their learning and their environment with a view to developing their practice and engagement in coaching.

  • The Reflective Coach
  • Using Emotional Intelligence in Coaching
  • Understanding Principles of Learning
  • Developing your Coaching Philosophy

Bespoke workshops:

If your sports club or organisation would like a workshop around a topic that doesn’t appear in our workshop list, please feel free to contact us to arrange.

Coach development programme package

To best support your club or organisation, we have put together example programmes that combine our workshops above to suit the development needs of your coaches. In these programmes, coaches are provided with reflective profiles that they can use to manage and tailor their own learning and development. These programmes are designed to be flexible but an example in provide below.

  • Developing your Coaching Philosophy
  • Developing Goals and Values for your Athletes
  • 2 x choice of workshops

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