Welcome to the MSc Applied Exercise and Health Science course. Designed to both enhance academic knowledge and advance practical skills in this field. This is a challenging and rewarding course that will enable you to build on your knowledge, competencies and confidence.

Dr Hayley Mills
Course Director

Key dates

Start date: 19 September 2022

Academic Calendar: Trimesters - click here for more about this Academic Calendar including key dates for learning and teaching, breaks and assessment periods

Please see the MSc Applied Exercise and Health Science online course page for an overview.

For full-time students, it is expected that this course will be delivered during one and a half days of intensive teaching each week. You will be sent more information about the teaching schedule closer to the time. Outside of the teaching days, you will want to keep an estimated additional 3 days dedicated to the course to engage in self-directed reading, completing your assessments and building upon your physical activity and health knowledge.

The 3 modules for trimester 1 (full-time course) are:

  • Physical Activity in Health and Disease
  • Research Methods in Sport, Exercise and Health
  • Psychology of Exercise and Health Behaviour Change

Getting started

For those of you who have conditional offers subject to your final degree mark/grade, please forward a copy of your final marks to your respective admissions contact so your offer becomes a firm place.

Over the summer, please keep an eye on your personal email to ensure you complete the pre-registration process and for any further information that we may send to you.

Social media can help you keep up to date with activities at the University. Here are a few University Twitter feeds to look at and follow:

Using social media to follow journals and organisations will also help you gain an insight into our industry.

Have a look at:

Here is the Section of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science Instagram page: @sportexsci

Pre-course reading

Depending on the background you are joining us from, you may want to read some material in preparation which can be useful for the physiology content. These are examples of some of the books which support that aspect of the course content: 

  • Bouchard, C., Blair, S. N., and Haskell, W. L. (2012) Physical activity and health. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics
  • Durstine, J.L., Moore, G.E., Painter, P. L. and Roberts, S. O. (2009) ACSM’s Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities (3rd ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics