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Connect with... our Christ Church community.

Being connected to others is important for our mental and physical wellbeing, helping to provide us with the happiness, resilience and support we need to thrive.

Building connections is now more important than ever, as we adjust to a new normal and learn to live safely in a COVID-19 world - so we are working together to help our Christ Church community to reconnect.

For this month why not connect with friends and community through...

Connect with friends.

We want to encourage you to reconnect with friends, make new friendships and try new activities - so why not join a sports club or society, attend one of the many 'connect with...' events, or take part in social sport? 

Connect with the community.

There are plenty of ways to give-back and connect with the wider community at Christ Church. You could try volunteering or maybe attend a gardening session at the Johnson Wellbeing Garden and help create a beautiful communal space.