Gabrielle Malcolm

Dr Gabrielle Malcolm is the current Visiting Research Fellow in English with the ICVWW.

Background and research interests

Dr Gabrielle Malcolm is the current Visiting Research Fellow in English with the ICVWW. The focus of her role is the development of the Mary Braddon Archive - about which she is blogging, publishing, and presenting. 2015 will see the publication of Braddon's childhood memoir, in the year of her centenary. Gabrielle is also teaching and writing, in Bath, and will speak at the Jane Austen Festival in September 2014 about her forthcoming book 'Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen' (Intellect, April 2015). She is also working with the theatre company Moon On A Stick, and backed by Arts Council England, her first play 'The Power of The Inglewood' is on at The Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell, in December 2014.



  • 2012 Locating Shakespeare in the 21st Century, co-editor (with Kelli Marshall) and contributor (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012)
  • 2011 ‘Dead Love Has Chains’: expectations of narrative and protocols of reading in Mary Braddon’s turn-of-the-century novella (chapter in: ‘Women Writers of the Fin de Siècle’, eds. Adrienne Gavin and Carolyn Oulton, Palgrave Macmillan)
  • 2009 Illustrator for Ovid’s Metamorphosis, in 'Alles bleibt anders' (ISBN: 978-3-7661-5164-3) a German language schools text (CC Buchner’s, 2009)
  • 2001 Editor and introduction, Circe, by Mary Braddon, (Sensation Press: Hastings, 2001) (series ed. Dr Jennifer Carnell)


  • 2009 ‘Second Life of Objects’, Liverpool Art Journal (Vol. 1 2009); (ed. Tracey Eastham, associate ed. Juan Cruz, Liverpool John Moores University)
  • 2007 ‘Revenge of the Dead: a critique of Mary Braddon’s Gothic melodrama scripts’ Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, Spring 2007 (ed. Professor Kate Newey, University of Birmingham)
  • 2005 ‘Mary Braddon on Dickens: a critical assessment of Braddon’s Introduction to Little Dorrit’ The Dickensian, Spring 2005 (ed. Professor Malcolm Andrews)
  • 2001 ‘Circumambulatory; or The Adventures of Three Gentlemen and a Lady in Search of a British Public': an examination of the unpublished theatrical short story by Mary Braddon Leeds Working Papers in Victorian Studies, Vol. 4 2001, Unrespectable Recreations (ed. Martin Hewitt)
  • 2000 ‘Drama and ICT in higher education’ British Educational Computing and Technology Agency (BECTA) Online Journal (ed. Kenneth Taylor, Middlesex University)
  • 1999 ‘Vanished Victorian Days: themes from the childhood of Mary Braddon based on her unpublished autobiographical manuscript Before the Knowledge of Evil’ (1999) Leeds Working Papers in Victorian Studies, Vol 2, Representing Victorian Lives (ed. Martin Hewitt)
  • 2011 (ongoing) Reviewer for Victoriographies: A Journal of Nineteenth Century Writing, 1790-1914
  • 2011 (ongoing) Reviewer and blogger for online popular culture journal PopMatters


  • Ye Cracke: Group Summer Show, Cracke Pub, Rice Street, Liverpool, Summer 2009
  • Post-Capital: Solo retrospective, paintings, drawings and textiles: Blackburne House, Liverpool, May 2009
  • The Painted Article: group show at EggSpace, Newington, Liverpool, March 2009
  • Sights Unseen: Landscapes in Mixed Media, Blackburne House, Liverpool, February 2009
  • The Fifth Floor, Tate Gallery, Liverpool, January 2009
  • Folk and Fiction: A Multi-Disciplinary Exhibition of Performance and Visual Art, Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool L1, October 2008
  • Sights Unseen: Landscapes in Mixed Media, The Rowan Gallery, Mold, Flintshire, North Wales, October–November 2008
  • Mythic and Metamorphic Women: a solo exhibition, Liverpool Women’s Festival and European Capital of Culture, Blackburne House, Liverpool, July-August 2008
  •  ‘Council House Movie Star’ - in collaboration with Mark Edward and Company, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester/Walker Gallery, Liverpool (and various venues throughout the North West).

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