Crusaders: An Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands


Dan Jones

Crusaders: An Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands

Time and Date: Sunday 5 April, 14:00 - 15:00

Ticket price: £10

Location: Old Sessions House OS.0.01 CT1 1PL

Biographical note

Dan Jones is a journalist and historian. He has worked on numerous TV programmes, including for BBC Four and Channel 5. His recent books include The Hollow Crown: the Wars of the Roses and the Rise of the Tudors (Faber, 2014) and The Plantagenets (William Collins, 2013), which became a New York Times bestseller. His latest book looks at Crusaders and it is this topic he is exploring in his lecture. As a prolific writer, he has also contributed numerous articles to the BBC History Magazine and History Today.

Event Details

When Christian armies marched on Jerusalem in 1099, they began the most notorious period of conflict in medieval history: the crusades. In Crusaders, Dan Jones delves into that time to introduce a vivid cast of characters both familiar and barely known – from Richard the Lionheart, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Saladin, to Margaret of Beverley, who defended Jerusalem with a saucepan on her head, and Enrico Dandolo, the blind doge of Venice, who helped burn and loot Constantinople. This is an epic and deeply human history of an enthralling age.


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