Student Survey Privacy Notice

The purpose of this document

This document sets out our privacy policy for the purposes of survey research among Canterbury Christ Church students (past and present), staff and/or the general public aged 16+ years old. This document does not include our corporate or business to business market research. 

Who it covers

All survey respondents, and individuals contacted to be invited to take part in surveys irrespective of whether research was subsequently carried out. 

What information we are referring to

Collection of information on your behaviours and attitudes as requested within the questionnaire or supporting interview for the purposes of gathering insight and monitoring trends.  The collection of gender, ethnic and geodemographic information for the purpose of profiling.  Information on studies and course participation.  Event attendance and opinions held by you.  All data we collect and hold that is personally identifiable to you. Your personal information may include numerical, written, audio, audio visual, imagery and observation data.   

Who will see or receive your personal data 

Any data collected for student survey purposes will be stored in secure folders on the Canterbury Christ Church University or third Party suppliers secure systems. 

Your responses will be stored separately from your contact details and, once analysed, the data will be reported in a manner where you cannot be personally identified.  Any research data shared with staff outside of the student survey unit and associated research suppliers will also have all personal identifiers removed. We would not identify you as the respondent without your prior written consent.

Typical recipients of this type of information will be university staff responsible for the delivery of university services.

Legitimate interest for collection and processing your information 

Canterbury Christ Church University are collecting this information to enable us to deliver Higher Education more efficiently and effectively, to meet our contractual obligations to students, staff and other contractual parties and to help improve the quality of the University’s services and facilities.

Your rights

You have a right to ask for a copy of the information that we hold about you. There is no charge.

 You also have a right to:

  • A copy of Canterbury Christ Church Student Survey Privacy Policy.
  • Request a copy of all data held about you by the University as a data controller.
  • Request the restriction or suppression of your personal data in certain circumstances.
  • To ask for inaccurate personal data to be rectified.
  • When collection of data is based on legal consent, you have the right to withdraw consent at any time. You do not have to provide reason or explanation.
  • You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioners Office ( if you feel your information has not been stored and processed appropriately and/or your requests have not be dealt with adequately.

If you wish to have your information withdrawn from a third party data processor you will need to contact that organisation to withdraw your consent. On request, Canterbury Christ Church University will provide you with details of any third party processors and how to contact them

Storage and Transfer of Data

All data is stored securely within Canterbury Christ Church University and/or their Third Party Agency(s) used to administer or enable survey and research delivery. All research data will be stored within the European Economic Area or a country that has subscribed to a recognised ‘international framework’ to ensure adequate privacy protection.     

Retention Period

Our default for one-off research projects is to remove and destroy all personal identifiers (such as email addresses, postal address) from data sets so that all remaining information is anonymised within 12 months of the close of field work.

However, personal data from surveys that provide historical time series (e.g. the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey and the UK Engagement Survey) will be held for up to ten years to enable appropriate statistical and historical analysis as the need arises.   


Recipients of your Personal Data

A third party data collection and/or processing organisation may, at times, be used to collect and hold survey responses (e.g. an online survey platform). 

In some circumstances we may also ask third party research and data organisation to administer market research on behalf of Canterbury Christ Church University and may pass on contact information to this company.

These organisations will hold their own Privacy Policies that will be supplementary to your rights outlined in this document and will not replace them.  We will provide you with the name of any third party organisations used in the processing of your data at your request.


Data Controller and Further Information 

Canterbury Christ Church University is the Data Controller for this personal data.

Please click the link below to access further information regarding:

  • The Data Controller
  • The name and contact details of the University Data Protection Officer
  • Where to make a complaint
  • Your rights as a Data Subject
  • How to contact the Regulator

Version Control

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Date approved: 25 May 2018
Date of review: 25 May 2020
Date last amended: 30 March 2020

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