Ellie Colegate's story.

Ellie completed her undergraduate degree in Law: LL.B. at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2019, and chose to stay with us to study her Master’s by Research in Law. She is planning to go on to a PhD in Law, with the goal of becoming an academic.

Photo of Ellie Colgate
Ellie Colgate

My journey into higher education was perhaps akin to most entering university; it came to the end of my A-levels and there was an expectation that I would continue my education in some way.

I’d visited a lot of universities, however none felt as welcoming and supportive as Canterbury Christ Church University. It was the first university I visited when I was looking, and I found that none matched up the bar it set.

During my A-levels I found myself lost in a crowd of students, resulting in my confidence levels taking a hit and being very low. When I first arrived here, I was by no means the confident graduate I am today.

The University, and Law in particular, appealed to me due to the friendly nature of the Law school. I felt that by coming here I wouldn’t get lost in a crowd again, as all the staff and students made an effort on Open Days to talk to me and find out what I wanted to do, and were helpful with any questions I might have had.

I was correct in my predictions - studying Law has been a massive joy for me. The team, my fellow students, and colleagues provided me with an environment in which I could advance my skills, build my confidence, and develop myself as a member of society.

During my time here, I served as a student representative for my programme, which was an experience that was essential to increasing my confidence. I also undertook an internship at the end of my first year, an opportunity that my tutors encouraged me to take.

What also appealed to me about the Law course here was the sheer variety of modules on offer. From Dispute Resolution to Internet Law, I found that there was never a semester when I didn’t have a module I wanted to study!

Being a local student, Canterbury Christ Church University offered me the opportunity to remain living at home whilst also being afforded the student lifestyle. I commuted throughout the whole three years of my studies, but I didn’t miss out, as I was still able to access the full wide range of extra-curricular activities the uni has to offer.

Since graduating from Christ Church in September 2019, I have enrolled on a Masters by Research in Law course, developing the passions and interests I acquired during my time here. Once this is complete I hope to pursue my PhD in Law with an aim of becoming an academic myself.

Christ Church took a girl with by no means good A-level grades and made her into a first-class law graduate in the top 5% of her class. If that isn’t testament to the dedication of its staff, the offerings of their programmes, as well as the support and opportunities they provide, then I don’t know what is. 

Christ Church took a girl with by no means good A-level grades and made her into a first-class law graduate in the top 5% of her class.