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Elina's story.

During her studies, Elina was the Women’s Officer and International Officer for the Students’ Union, and travelled to multiple European destinations as a representative of the University. She has a special interest in children’s rights and has used her criminal and social justice knowledge to support refugees in Lebanon.

Elina Smyrniou
Elina studied LL.B. Law followed by an MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice

My experience at Christ Church was beautiful and enriching. I loved both my Law course and MA. I was given the chance to participate in many activities which enhanced my skills. At Christ Church I found myself volunteering, representing students through the Students' Union as Women's Officer and International Officer, working at various faculties and receiving two very important degrees.

Although as an international student I experienced various social differences in the beginning, the studying was exciting and familiar to me as I had come from an English- based education. I admired everything about the education at Christ Church.

 In addition to this I travelled around Europe with the Law Group, visiting European institutions and having first-hand experience of how European Law is practised.

I feel extremely proud of what I have achieved at Canterbury Christ Church University - I came with no clear vision of what I could achieve, but I left with numerous academic and professional achievements

Upon my graduation the International Office asked me to work as a member of staff. They had seen my passion and involvement with the University, and I landed my first full time job within the premises of the University.

My most recent role was at a nursery school, which uses modern teaching methods involving positive and critical thinking from a young age, encouraging children to discover their interests through free play.

My goals for the future are to get involved in organisations that encourage young people to reach out to more activities and experiences than the traditional paths, as this will guide them into the everchanging and new age world that is upon us.

After my studies I travelled to Lebanon and set up a volunteering programme to teach English to Syrian and Palestinian refugees living in Shatila Refugee camp. Here, I utilised my criminological and social justice knowledge to underprivileged groups.

I then travelled to Australia and worked at a social research centre, which also helped me improve my working skills. This has given me great opportunities to see how other people work.

One of the best things about studying at Christ Church was the opportunity I was given to travel for competitions and conferences, such as the Mediation and Negotiation Competition in Scotland and the Student Conference in London.